Fair trade

Fair trade

Kit Kat gives cocoa farmers a break as it switches to Fairtrade

BRITAIN'S biggest-selling chocolate biscuit is going Fairtrade in the new year in a "breakthrough" for the campaign to promote fairly traded goods.

Now there's a glass and a half of Fairtrade in every Dairy Milk

THE niche badge of ethically produced chocolate will today become a staple of supermarket shelves as one of the nation's most popular chocolate bars becomes a Fairtrade product.

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Organic rules roost as chicken flies off shelves

Sales of free-range birds soar after TV chefs slate factory farming

Fairtrade top award shared by shops

A SMALL Edinburgh shop and a national supermarket chain have shared this year's top prize at Edinburgh's annual Fairtrade awards.

Fair trade farmer's teatime talk

A KENYAN tea farmer was set to visit an Edinburgh fair trade retailer tonight.

Sugar giant in Fairtrade boost

TATE & Lyle is converting its granulated white sugar to Fairtrade.

They call it the Fife-plan diet

WE HAVE had the Atkins, the Cambridge and even the dreaded Cabbage Soup diets, but now there is the Fife Diet - and it is aimed at saving the environment, rather than the waistline.

Making good choices is food for thought

CONSUMERS must deal with responsibility as well as choice. Choice comes in many forms, whether from a purely personal standpoint or from a society or community perspective.

Green and pleasant

THEY tried to make me go to green rehab, but I said no, no, no. By 'they' I mean the voices in my head. Okay, so I'm exaggerating. It's just one voice, my own personal Jiminy Cricket. The voice that says, "Don't just stack jars and bottles next to the fridge. Get up, put on some shoes and take them to the recycling bank."

Does the devil wear Primark?

YOU spot it from the tinned goods aisle and it's love at first sight. A chic military jacket that's bears an uncanny resemblance to a Marc Jacobs number you lusted over in Harvey Nichols just last week. Cute little lapels? Check. Round, brass-coloured buttons? Check. Buttock-clenching price tag? Well, no - quite the opposite actually. This supermarket bargain costs less than the bumper ready meal in your trolley.

Why fair trade is fair enough - up to a point

I HAVE a guilty secret. Every time I go to the supermarket, I buy fair-trade bananas. Sometimes I also buy fair-trade coffee. If I'm feeling flush, I'll buy organic produce. Occasionally, I go to the local farmer's shop and buy locally-grown produce, also all organic. There, I've admitted it.

Buying imported food may actually be more energy-efficient

FOR the conscientious, food shopping now poses yet another ethical dilemma: is it really better to buy locally rather than shipping meat, fruit and vegetables around the globe?

Rubbish is happiness for freegan scavengers

THE day after New York University's class of 2007 graduated, about 15 men and women assembled in front of an NYU dormitory at Third Avenue and 12th Street. They had come to take advantage of the end-of-year move-out, when the mostly affluent students' discarded items are put into curbside rubbish bins.

Worst of the bunch

A LATINO MAN LIES NAKED on the hospital mattress.

Boycotting the shops

IMAGINE not buying anything new for a year. No shoes, DVDs, birthday cards or make-up. Want to replace your television? Find a secondhand one.

Fuels paradise

WHEN a man you've never met before suddenly gives you a bunch of flowers, that's impulse. It's the sort of thing that happens to me all the time. I'll be minding my own business when a shy, bespectacled type appears holding a colourful bouquet. I thank him before going on to enquire whether these blooms are locally and organically grown. If they happen to have come from a hothouse on the other side of the world, what else can I do but return them to my crestfallen suitor?

City MP's plea for stores to back Fairtrade

AN Edinburgh MP has called for more Fairtrade products in supermarkets and an end to unfair trade barriers, ahead of a major Westminster report on the issue.

How healthy is McDonald's?

THE decision by Innocent to sell children's smoothies for a trial period in McDonald's has stirred up a flurry of debate by eco-bloggers, much of it in defence of the multinational food giant.

City firm spreads out with Fairtrade peanut butter

THE world's first Fairtrade peanut butter has been launched by an Edinburgh-based firm.

Shoppers slow to cotton on to ethical fashion lines

ETHICAL consumerism has grown so fast that supermarkets are fighting to have the shiniest halo, increasing eco-friendly lines and labelling the source of products more clearly.

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