Face transplant

Face transplant

World's first full-face transplant patient hails donor and surgeons

A MAN who underwent the world's full facial transplant has braved television cameras to speak for the first time about his pioneering surgery.

World's first 'whole face' transplant – with bones and teeth

SPANISH doctors have performed the world's first complete face transplant.

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Courageous face-transplant patient challenges the world: Look at me

A WOMAN who lost her nose, cheeks, the roof of her mouth and one eye when she was shot by her husband spoke yesterday about how a face transplant transformed her life.

Face transplant fears unmasked

EXPERTS today warned that transplanting all or part of a human face remains an experimental procedure fraught with difficulty.

Full face transplant 'is a sign of failure'

A HOME safety campaigner whose face was horrifically scarred and disfigured when he was a baby has said he would never want to have a face transplant, calling the need for them "a sign of failure".

Facing the future

YOU do get used to it. My face has been with me all my life, after all. I have always had people staring at me and sometimes calling me names. And some of names I've been called are pretty bad. I've had people calling me Freddie, after Freddie Kruger. Others call you Burntface. I've even had people of 40 or 50 years of age, people who should know better, who have walked into lamp posts when they were coming past me because they were staring at me so much.

First full face transplant to be done in UK

Key quote "These patients will have already undergone reconstructive surgery - perhaps they will have had 50 to 70 reconstructive operations. They have reached the end of the reconstructive ladder and there's nothing more it can offer them" - Peter Butler, surgeon

Face transplant 'silenced critics'

A UK doctor has claimed the world's first face transplant has silenced critics.

Surgeons declare the first face transplant a success

FRENCH surgeons who carried out the first face transplant on a woman savaged by a dog have hailed the procedure a success.

Ethics experts to allow first UK face transplants

THE first face transplant in the UK is set to be approved this week when ethical experts meet to discuss giving the go-ahead for a series of operations.

Doctors choose candidates for first full face transplant

BRITISH doctors are preparing to conduct the world's first full face transplant.

Face operation woman thanks hospital medics

A FRENCH woman who was given the world's first face transplant today spoke of her gratitude to doctors for giving her a new lease of life.

A question of ethics? Only on the face of it

THE world's first face transplant was announced in November 2005.

Drinking face swap woman risks rejection

DOCTORS treating the world's first face transplant patient in France said she is jeopardising the success of the operation by smoking and drinking.

Surgeons plan more face transplants

French surgeons are planning to carry out five more face transplants after declaring the first operation a success, despite revealing that the patient suffered tissue rejection that threatened her new features.

First face transplant 'a success'

FRENCH surgeons are declaring the world's first face transplant a success even as they revealed that the patient battled a serious tissue-rejection episode less than a month after her groundbreaking operation.

She's just another face in the crowd

THE woman who received the world's first face transplant has been out in public without drawing stares, just a little over a month after the operation.

Face transplant woman walks 'without stares'

THE French woman who received a new nose, chin and mouth in a groundbreaking transplant operation has taken strolls in public without drawing stares, her surgeon said today.

Face transplant woman in a 'perfect' condition

ONE of the French doctors who conducted the world's first partial face transplant said yesterday that the 38-year-old patient was "perfect", in good psychological condition and doing well medically.

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