Exercise Tips for Moonwalk

Exercise Tips for Moonwalk

MoonWalk tip

Carbs such as beans and wholegrains are ideal before strenuous activity.

MoonWalk tip

To avoid ingrowing toenails, always cut them in a straight line and file any sharp corners with an emery board.

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MoonWalk tip

Walking on roads and pavements prepares you for long-distance events and is the perfect surface to carry out interval training, a fat-burning, high-intensity aerobic cardio workout.

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Want to get fit but lack the willpower? Make joining a walking group the first step and you'll find yourself on the right track fast

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Power to the people

POWER WALKING has long been hailed as the ideal workout for those in search of a low-impact, high-energy buzz. Credited with reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol, as well having toning and stress-busting credentials, power walking (which is basically fast walking, pumping your arms) is the perfect catch-all, whether the aim is to lose weight or improve or maintain fitness levels.

Respect the pain barrier - exercise

We're more aware than ever of the value of regular exercise, but caution is required when pushing your body to extremes

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