Executive fat cats

Executive fat cats

Goldman Sachs cuts bonus pot - to 'just' £2.5bn for three months

GOLDMAN Sachs, Wall Street's dominant investment bank, set aside $3.8 billion (£2.5bn) for pay and bonuses for the second quarter - equivalent to £105,000 for every employee - despite seeing net profits slashed by more than 80 per cent.

Livingston's £1m bonus rings alarm bells amid BT strike threat

BT IS heading for a clash with unions tomorrow when its annual report is expected to reveal that chief executive Ian Livingston has been awarded a £1 million-plus bonus despite laying off 35,000 staff over the past two years.

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Investors group reveals pessimism over prospect of ending bonus 'arms race'

AN INVESTORS group demanding reform of sky-high bankers' salaries is "pessimistic" about seeing an end to what it calls the "remuneration arms race".

Fury over Goldman's £3.5bn pay and bonus payouts

GOLDMAN Sachs, the under-fire investment bank, yesterday risked a further public backlash after announcing a pay and bonus pot of $5.49 billion (£3.56bn) as it posted a steep hike in profits for the first three months of the year.

Mandelson attacks big payments at Barclays

LORD Mandelson has launched an attack on one of Britain's richest bankers.

Barclays boss banked £63.3m pay packet

ONE of Britain's highest-paid bankers pocketed £63.3 million last year.

Lloyds boss Eric Daniels falls into line and gives up £2.3m bonus

THE boss of part-nationalised Lloyds Banking Group has given up a £2.3 million bonus.

Probe for public body big earners

THE Scottish Government is to examine whether public bodies should reveal how many staff earn in excess of £150,000

SNP in talks to cut fat cat pay by 5%

SCOTTISH ministers are considering a 5 per cent cut on public sector "fat cat" salaries and using the cash to help the lower paid during the recession, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Bankers under fire over 'business as usual'

BANK of England Governor Mervyn King last night hit out at the "business as usual" culture in Britain's banks.

Bankers set to pocket £6bn as bonuses soar by 50%

CITY financiers will together pocket New Year bonuses of more than £6 billion – 50 per cent more than a year ago – as the rest of the country faces growing unemployment and public-service cutbacks, according to research published today.

Bonus culture reborn as bank staff earn £325,000 each – and counting

STAFF at investment bank Goldman Sachs have notched up an average £325,000 in pay and bonuses so far this year despite government pressure to curb pay-outs.

Bankers launch claim for £30m in unpaid bonuses

A CLAIM for £30 million in unpaid bonuses was launched by 72 bankers yesterday.

G20 urges fat cat pay crackdown

A GLOBAL crackdown on bankers' pay was demanded by the world's top 20 industrial countries yesterday.

Cap on bonuses 'unenforceable'

A SIMPLE cap on bonuses paid to City bankers would be "unenforceable", Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned.

Brown calls for bonus cap as old banking ways continue

GORDON Brown called for a cap on bonuses as he warned financial institutions were still behaving "reprehensibly" despite the credit crunch.

Row erupts as watchdog calls for tax on the City

A FRESH row has erupted over "excessive" banking bonuses after Lord Adair Turner, chairman of the City watchdog, claimed Britain's financial sector has grown "beyond a socially reasonable size".

Fresh bonuses row as 'rain-maker' pair paid £10m by RBS

THE Royal Bank of Scotland has been accused of failing to learn the lessons from the recent banking crisis after it reportedly agreed to pay £10 million to attract two new bankers.

City watchdog 'capitulated' over curbs on bank bonuses

THE City's watchdog has been accused of "capitulation" as it watered down key proposals to rein in bank pay.

Rail firm keeps bonus plan

NETWORK Rail (NR) bosses have seen off a challenge to change the company's controversial bonus scheme.

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