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Putting some shine into children's lives

SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Charlie sits in the dust outside the orphanage he and his brother call home and wiggles his toes through the holes in his tattered footwear.

Nostalgia: 1989

Take a look back with our slideshow

Nostalgia: Bleak winter was all about keeping warm

If you think it's chilly now, just be grateful the weather's not as bad is it was in the winter of 1947 when Arctic conditions gripped Britain in January and February. Reader FRANK FERRI, 73, now living in Newhaven, but then a resident of Leith, remembers what it was like – while our pictures show it wasn't just that year which had its share of cold snaps.

Revellers flee as second major fire in six years rips through Old Town

FIRE crews were today still tackling a major blaze which broke out last night in the Old Town.

Police failed to make link to deadly Tobin

DETECTIVES were told in 1993 that Peter Tobin was a dangerous sexual predator who lived close to where Vicky Hamilton vanished – but failed to investigate a link with her disappearance.

Crowds gather for spectacular Christmas lights ceremony

THE crowds who gathered for last night's Christmas lights switch-on spectacular probably had in mind a light dusting of festive snow and a crisp wintry night to get them in the seasonal mood.

American football: Touch down at Meadowbank and you'll have a field day

I'VE only ever been to America once. When I was 15, I went on a school exchange trip to the cultural mecca that is Berwick, Pennsylvania.

Boy's beard film makes Bafta shortlist

IT'S a gripe every parent has heard from their children at one time or another, why do you always get to tell me what to do and never the other way around?

Radio Forth Awards: Stars shine as Assembly Rooms rock

STEREOPHONICS, James Blunt and Alesha Dixon rocked the Assembly Rooms yesterday at the glittering Radio Forth Awards ceremony.

Festival is flaming marvellous

IT was a sight visible across the centre of Edinburgh as three giant effigies burned in the night sky on the top of Calton Hill.

Researcher's drum kit can sing, strum, toot and tinkle . . Beat that!

THE 20-minute drum solo is generally seen as the nadir of the most self-indulgent rock gig.

Effigies a lot flaming smaller

IT is one of the most famous Hindu festivals in the world, celebrating a symbolic victory of good over evil with the burning of three gigantic effigies.

Karon helps racehorses romp home with a new lease of life

THEIR fate when they trot off the racing turf for the final time is often bleak. The same aggressive instincts which make some horses a success on the track mean they rarely find a welcoming home when they retire.

Eyesore building flattened

WITH a deafening roar of explosives, one of Edinburgh's most notorious eyesores was reduced to rubble in just seconds as hundreds of people looked on.

Travelling back in time

FEW areas have seen such dramatic change over the last 50 years as transport, with the 1950s a key decade for saying hello and waving goodbye to different modes of getting about.

Evening News Video Previews: Holy Cow Theatre Company

As part of our festival coverage we bring you a taste of the local groups at this year's event

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