Evening News previews & features

Evening News previews & features

Artists hope to draw a good crowd at shows

THREE new exhibitions are set to be unveiled to the public at a leading city gallery tomorrow.

The trick is to put the magic back into circus

CIRCUS: Big Top Rock 2003 **

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Script in tune for entertaining night

THEATRE: Fiddler On The Roof **

Deaf cinema event returns to the Capital

SCOTLAND’S major deaf cinema event is back. Having proved a hit with deaf and hearing audiences alike last year, the Deaf Focus Film Festival returns on Saturday and Sunday with an extended programme, increased seating capacity, special guests, and a brilliant kids’ programme on Sunday.

Making waves down by city's riverside

Consider Rather The River

Steele is just Miles ahead of mere imitators

Colin Steele's Kind of Blue,

Old favourites are happy to please

The Happy Gang's Big Adventure

Fantastic Plastic Jimmy

IF you only know one reggae star . . . well, it’ll probably be Bob Marley. If you know two, chances are the other is Jimmy Cliff, legendary Jamaican singer and the man who actually gave Marley his start.

Still lots of life left in Park

WHEN Tokyoblu secured the DJ services of Graeme Park for tomorrow night, event co-runner John Hutchison was ecstatic. It’s not hard to see why. Park was a pivotal figure in the development of the dance scene in Britain back in the late 1980s and Hutchison’s respect for him runs deep.

Welcome to the McProms

THANKS mainly to the good old BBC, the phrase Last Night of the Proms more often than not conjures up lively images of the Albert Hall crammed with eccentric English gentry boisterously belting out Land of Hope and Glory while frantically waving union flags and bobbing up and down, the odd umbrella opening above their heads.

Happy days are here again

TAKE one kung-fu-fighting kangaroo. Drop it in the middle of a tropical jungle.

Big day for Time Lords . . and ladies

He departed this planet in his Tardis 14 years ago. But, finds Ian Brown, fans this weekend will ensure Dr Who is not forgotten.

Creating a ripple - in the most modest way..

"YOU know, it’s only when I talk to journalists that I feel I’ve done all right in comedy. I get really depressed and think: ‘Oh, I can’t sell out this venue’ or ‘I should be up there with Frank Skinner or Eddie Izzard.’ But then I do an interview and I get reminded: ‘Oh, I did get a Perrier nomination and I am sort of well known.’"

All hands on decks

After weeks of confusion and rumour, the huge Godskitchen party at the Royal Highland Centre on Saturday night has been given the official go-ahead.

Turned out nice again

SCOTLAND, as if you needed to be told, is notorious for its weather. Summers which are damp and joyless, winters which are even worse, it’s the one thing that can unite the country in a satisfying, if pretty much pointless, good old moan.

Is he really going back with them?

FRIENDS reunited? When someone suggested that quirky singer-songwriter Joe Jackson get back together with his first band, he was hardly enthusiastic.

Young, gifted and mark

TV funnyman Mark McDonnell is about to break every actor’s golden rule: Never work with animals or children.

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