Locked-in stroke victim seeks ruling on assisted suicide

A STROKE victim in his 40s left with "locked-in syndrome" is launching a "landmark" right-to-die legal action. The man, who can only communicate by moving his eyes, wants "professional assistance" to end his life.

Documentary moves Margo MacDonald

Right to die campaigner Margo MacDonald today claimed a TV documentary on the issue screened last night strengthened her case.

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Assisted suicide show sparks euthanasia bias row

THE BBC has been accused of helping to promote assisted suicide in a TV documentary by author and Alzheimer's sufferer Sir Terry Pratchett to be screened tomorrow.

MS sufferer took own life to Sinatra song

An academic at the centre of an assisted suicide row was found dead with Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way blasting from a laptop computer.

I'll try again says Margo MacDonald as right-to-die bill is crushed

A BID to make Scotland the first part of the UK to legalise assisted suicide was rejected by a margin of five votes to one yesterday.

Joyce McMillan: Mature debate did parliament proud

ON WEDNESDAY, in the Scottish Parliament, Margo MacDonald's personal bill on assisted dying was voted down, by a massive margin of 85 votes to 16.

Scots 'back my assisted suicide Bill', says MSP

The politician behind plans to legalise assisted suicide urged MSPs to recognise the weight of public opinion and help the proposals overcome a key parliamentary hurdle.

Margo MacDonald's assisted dying Bill is rejected by cross-party group

THE campaign to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland suffered a setback yesterday when a key Holyrood committee said it could not support new right-to-die legislation.

'Case not made' for changing law on assisted suicide

THE case has not been made for changing the law on assisted suicide, a Holyrood committee said today.

Margo MacDonald: Caine's revelation will be sadly familiar

MICHAEL CAINE asked his father's doctor to end his dying parent's life, before nature, or God, would have done. My mailbag suggests a high percentage of readers were not surprised that Mr Micklewhite senior passed away under sedation that same night.

Suicide law 'may mean 1,000 deaths a year'

THE MSP behind plans to legalise assisted suicide has faced claims that it could result in up to 1,000 deaths a year.

Doctor won't face charges after helping woman to die

A RETIRED Scottish doctor who was facing prosecution in an assisted suicide case has had the charges against her dropped.

Right to die Bill opposed

HUNDREDS of Scots have lodged objections at Holyrood to a controversial bid to legalise assisted suicide in the country.

I helped patients die, says cleared GP

AN INVESTIGATION may be reopened after a former GP who was struck off for giving vulnerable elderly people excessively high doses of morphine admitted hastening the deaths of patients in his care.

Opponents deal a blow to MacDonald's assisted suicide bill

MARGO MacDonald's bid to introduce assisted suicide in Scotland has been dealt a blow, with the vast majority of people giving evidence to Holyrood on the issue declaring that they oppose her bill.

Pro-lifers hit out over suicide bill committee

AN author who has argued for assisted suicide has been appointed adviser to the Holyrood committee scrutinising MSP Margo MacDonald's bill calling for sick people to be given the right to die.

Pensioner tried to kill his 'suffering' wife as she fought for her life

A PENSIONER tried to murder his ill wife by smothering her with a pillow, and told police he had wanted to end her suffering.

Campaigner 'losing sleep' over legal case

A RETIRED Scottish doctor questioned by police in an "assisted suicide" investigation yesterday said she was losing sleep over the time the case is taking to conclude.

Right-to-die campaigner 'not ready' to go

RIGHT-to-die campaigner Debbie Purdy has told how she enjoys life "to the maximum" and is not ready for death.

New assisted suicide guidelines a 'missed chance for debate'

AN MSP campaigning to legalise assisted suicide said Westminster MPs should follow Scotland's example and have a proper debate on the issue.

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