Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

Lets camp it up, it's Eurovision time again

The costumes are ready, the dance routines polished and the hamster balls checked for the annual celebration of camp and music that is Eurovision.

Eurovision hopeful meets her Waterloo

A teacher's dream of representing Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest is hanging in the balance after a last-minute change of plan by organisers.

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Last but not least in tune: British Eurovision singer hit his mark

THE UK may have come last in the Eurovision Song Contest, but Josh Dubovie was not the most out of tune performer, it was suggested today.

UK's Eurovision chances at odds of 150-1 doesn't sound good

EUROVISION Song Contest hopeful Josh Dubovie is "enjoying every minute" as he gears up for final rehearsals ahead of tonight's big showdown.

Liam Rudden: Eurovision in Oslo will be a sober affair

NOKS! I've a wallet full of them. From what I hear, I'll need all my Norwegian kroner for my day trip to Oslo for the final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest – apparently, a pint in the Norwegian capital costs a sobering £8.

Douze points! A Eurovision fan reports from Oslo

Bulgarians with wings, butterflies from Belarus and extrovert Moldovans prancing around the stage like things possessed…yes, it's Eurovision time again. David Elder has been to 20 of them, but still loves the world's biggest and campest music contest. Here, he reports on the preparations for the extravaganza in Oslo on Saturday

Aberdeen cabbie gets Romanian TV job so he can go to Eurovision

A TAXI driver is taking an unusual route to get to the Eurovision song contest by signing up to work for Romanian television.

Wogan hails Norton as Eurovision host

SIR Terry Wogan has given the thumbs-up to his Eurovision Song Contest successor Graham Norton and described this year's show as flawless.

No 'nul' as Norway becomes eurovision winner

ONCE known as the kings of "nul points", Norway won a landslide victory in last night's Eurovision Song Contest.

Norton's own Eurovision

TONIGHT'S Eurovision Song Contest will be a testing time for Graham Norton as well as the UK's contestant.

Freaky hair, garish frocks and neighbourly voting, it's time to tune in to Eurovision once again

WANDER along any of Moscow's main thoroughfares at the moment, and it's impossible not to notice the plethora of billboards featuring the beaming face of reigning Miss World, 21-year-old Ksenia Sukhinova, sporting a variety of hairstyles designed to represent each of the 42 participating nations in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision meets its Waterloo for Abba star

ABBA legend Benny Andersson has launched an outspoken attack against the talent show which shot his band to fame.

Bear fails to make Eurovision dance to its tune

ONE year it was the thinly veiled taunts of a doughy Ukrainian drag queen in silver-sequined accoutrements that chafed Russian sensibilities.

Eurovision Song Contest hopefuls Putin the boot over Russia

SIR Terry Wogan may have quit as a Eurovision Song Contest commentator in protest against political voting, but Georgia's provocative entry to this year's contest threatens to embroil Russia's prime minister.

Lloyd Webber's folly

THE EUROVISION MACHINE IS running at full pelt again. This year the BBC, usually capable of wryly viewing the affair through Terry Wogan-tinted glasses, seems to be taking it awfully seriously.

Lloyd-Webber rules out 'silly nonsense' for Eurovision

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER has ruled out composing "some silly nonsense song" for the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry.

Sir Terry Wogan packs in Eurovision

SIR Terry Wogan is stepping down as commentator on the Eurovision Song Contest to be replaced by chat show host Graham Norton.

Any song will do as Lloyd Webber seeks Eurovision act

LORD Andrew Lloyd Webber said he has accepted "mission impossible" by trying to win the Eurovision song contest for the UK.

Wogan blames racism for Eurovision flop

VETERAN presenter Terry Wogan has blamed racism in eastern Europe for Britain's poor showing during last week's Eurovision Song Contest.

Wogan blames 'racists' for Eurovision failure

TERRY Wogan has blamed "racist" Eastern Europeans for failing to award a single vote to Britain's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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