European Union

European Union

Leader: Cameron must ensure Britain still has a voice in Europe

THE United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union has always been uneasy and uncomfortable. Not part of the original European Economic Community, denied entry by General Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s, and joining only after a fractious referendum which divided the political parties, under governments of both left and right the UK has been in, but not of, Europe.


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Eurozone crisis: France and Germany call for new EU treaty

THE leaders of Germany and France have called for a new European Union treaty to ensure that the region’s debt crisis never happens again.


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Eurozone crisis: Cameron meets Sarkozy as Merkel calls for fiscal pact

David Cameron travelled to Paris today for talks with French president Nicolas Sarkozy amid desperate efforts by eurozone leaders to prevent the single currency breaking up.


Cameron and Merkel attempt united front over euro crisis

David Cameron and Angela Merkel today acknowledged their differences over the way forward in the euro crisis, but insisted that Britain and Germany will work together in a spirit of “strong friendship”.


Slovakia on knife-edge over Greek bailout

The Volkswagen, Peugeot and Kia car plants along the main road illustrate Slovakia’s transformation from former communist backwater to eurozone success – it is now the world’s top carmaker per capita. They also explain its dilemma over Greece.

Bank bailout could top £86bn

EUROPEAN banks may need more than £86 billion to withstand the sovereign debt crisis, Ireland has warned.

Labour attacks EU referendum plans

THE UK government's plans to let voters decide in referendums whether to approve new EU treaties or major changes to existing ones came under fire in the Lords.

Changes to euro bail-out fund floated

Eurozone ministers yesterday met to discuss changes to the bail-out fund for countries that run into financial trouble, including increasing its size or giving it new powers, French finance minister Christine Lagarde said in Paris.

Minister slates EU fish policy

THIS year will be "pivotal" for Scotland's fishing industry, Richard Lochhead, the Scottish Fisheries Secretary, forecast yesterday.

Bitter defeat over bunnies for chocolate firm Lindt

CHOCOLATE manufacturer Lindt has lost its fight to trademark its distinctive Easter bunnies, Christmas bells and chocolate reindeer in a European court.

MPs to grill EC regulator over hedge fund plan

MICHEL Barnier, the European Commissioner for Internal Market, is expected to receive a rough ride from MPs this week amid concerns Europe is wielding ever greater power over Britain's financial services industry.

Question of the week: Is it now time to get out of the European Union?

WELCOME to Scotland on Sunday's online feature, Question of the Week.

Ireland set for multibillion-euro rescue package

THE Governor of Ireland's Central Bank today said he expects the country to get a loan worth tens of billions through an International Monetary Fund-European Union rescue package.

David Cameron hails British victory in EU budget struggle

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron yesterday hailed British efforts in limiting next year's EU budget rise to 2.9 per cent and claimed a "significant breakthrough" over the prospects for future settlements.

David Cameron hails 'spectacular EU-budget success'

David Cameron has claimed a "spectacular success" in pegging a euro-budget rise next year to just 2.9 per cent despite claims from fellow Tories that he should have held out for a better deal.

David Cameron creates 11-nation alliance to limit rise in European budget

DAVID Cameron has persuaded ten other European leaders to sign a letter opposing a 5.9 per cent increase in the EU's 2011 budget after he travelled to Brussels for a summit.

David Cameron promises to fight proposed budget rise for EU

David Cameron has vowed to fight a planned 5.9 per cent increase in the European Union's budget, describing it as "completely unacceptable".

Improved maternity leave 'regressive'

A MOVE by Euro MPs to extend minimum maternity leave to 20 weeks on full pay is "entirely regressive", according to the coalition government.

Allan Massie: Common interests will keep EU alive and kicking

Almost 20 years ago the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont, told me that the European Single Currency would never come into being. "It's just something got up to keep old Mitterand happy," he said confidently. Nevertheless, a few years after Mitterand left office and died, the Euro was a reality, adopted by most of the member-states of the EU.

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