European summit

European summit

Europe faces new economic 'Iron Curtain', EU warned.

Hungary's prime minister warned of a new economic "Iron Curtain" being drawn unless leaders at today's European Union summit acted to protect the bloc's weakest members from drowning in the global economic crisis.

Capital to play host to top EU meetings

MORE than a dozen European mini-summits are to be held in Edinburgh next year when Britain takes over the presidency of the EU.

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EU in chaos as summit disintegrates

THE European Union was facing one of the gravest crises in its history yesterday after a summit to agree the new constitution collapsed amid acrimony and recriminations.

Brussels row a mixed blessing for Blair

AS TONY Blair reflects on yesterday’s debacle in Brussels he will probably conclude that the outcome was a domestic blessing but an international nightmare.

Underground resistance to EU summit

IT WAS not just the negotiations which were gridlocked in Brussels yesterday. A strike by the underground workers meant the streets of the Belgium capital were clogged with Friday evening rush-hour traffic.

Blair's warning over EU summit deadlock

THE credibility of the European Union was hanging in the balance last night after the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, warned an agreement on the new constitution might not be possible.

Call for unified fight to end global poverty

SOUTH African President Thabo Mbeki today urged world leaders to end the divide between rich and poor in the "global village" at the start of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg.

EU split over Iraq attacks

SIMMERING opposition to American military strikes against Saddam Hussein threatened to split European leaders last night, despite their desperate attempts to keep the issue off the agenda at the Barcelona summit.

UK odd one out again

HOW far the UK’s relations with Europe have come since the dark days of the Thatcherite refuseniks .

UK is Bush's Lewinsky - Galloway

GEORGE Galloway, the controversial Glasgow Labour MP, last night launched an unprecedented attack on Tony Blair – comparing the Prime Minister’s relationship with George Bush to the one between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

No backing for attack on Iraq

TONY Blair is isolated in Europe over his stance supporting the US attacks on Iraq.

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