European Elections

European Elections

Europe's voters step to the right as socialist groups are left standing

SOCIALIST parties across Europe have been punished by voters backing a string of centre-right groups, it emerged yesterday as the last batch of results from the European elections started to come through.

Griffin's BNP to claim Euro millions

THE FAR-RIGHT British National Party could reap £4 million after winning its first term in the European Parliament, giving it financial ammunition for the general election.

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Election update: SNP seals first Euro poll triumph

THE Scottish National Party beat Labour into a humiliating second place in Scotland today in the European elections.

Salmond hails 'historic' win as Labour goes into freefall

ALEX Salmond today hailed a "historic" victory after the SNP humiliated Labour in the battle for Scottish votes in the European elections.

We're on to a big winner for next time, say Nats

SNP leaders claimed they were on course for big wins in the next Scottish and UK elections last night, after comfortably winning the biggest share of the vote in the European elections in Scotland. With every result declared except the Western Isles, the SNP secured about 29 per cent of the popular vote, well ahead of Labour on about 21 per cent of the vote.

Across Europe, polls back conservatives in record low turnout

EARLY results and exit polls showed conservatives racing towards victory last night in some of Europe's largest economies.

Labour trounced by SNP in Euro election

LABOUR suffered a mauling at the hands of the SNP as disastrous European election results across the UK dealt another shattering blow to Gordon Brown's insistence that he will not step down as Prime Minister.

SNP set to take top slot in a 'very bad day' for Labour in Europe

LABOUR'S senior Scottish Euro MP warned that his party is in for a "very bad day" when the European election results are announced.

Labour prepares to lose out as Greens hope for Scots seat

TOMORROW'S elections to the European Parliament look like being the most unpredictable and volatile since Britain joined the EU 35 years ago.

Ministers abandon Brown in run-up to Euro poll

GORDON Brown's authority suffered a devastating blow yesterday when a succession of ministers and MPs lined up to abandon his government just two days before the crucial European elections.

MSPs vote themselves a day off for European election

MSPS have given themselves a paid day off to carry out last-minute campaigning for the European elections.

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