Ethiopian voters 'faced intimidation'

AN INTERNATIONAL human rights group said Ethiopia's elections on Sunday were marred by repression and intimidation.

Intimidation claim may see poll result challenged in court in Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA'S opposition parties have warned they may not accept the results of yesterday's elections, amid claims of intimidation and vote-rigging.

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Food prices soar - and death gorges itself

OXFAM Scotland today launches a fresh appeal to stop millions starving to death in east Africa.

Children's unit hit by missile

A MISSILE slammed through the roof of a Mogadishu children's hospital yesterday, where 20-30 adult civilians were sheltering after being wounded in fighting between Islamic insurgents and Ethiopian troops allied to the Somali government.

74 shot dead in dawn raid

GUNMEN killed 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese in their sleep yesterday in a pre- dawn raid on an oilfield that Ethiopia blamed on rebels backed by its regional foe, Eritrea.

British Embassy tourists in Ethiopia released

THE FIVE Western tourists kidnapped in Ethiopia nearly two weeks ago have been freed and are safe, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett announced this afternoon.

Fresh appeal to free four British hostages

ETHIOPIA'S prime minister yesterday urged the unknown kidnappers of four Britons and a French woman to give up their captives.

British team heads into desert seeking kidnapped five

A TEAM of British officials set off into Ethiopia's north-eastern desert yesterday in an attempt to trace five Britons kidnapped during a sight-seeing tour.

Kidnap tourists spotted in army camp

ERITREAN forces were yesterday accused of kidnapping a group of tourists, including five Britons, in a remote part of Ethiopia, and taking them to a military camp.

Hunt for tourists moves to Eritrea

IT IS one of the most remote regions of the world with temperatures soaring to 50C (122F) and active volcanos spewing poisonous gases.

Dictator spared death sentence

AN ETHIOPIAN court spared exiled ageing former Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam from the death penalty yesterday, giving him life in prison for genocide during his 17-year rule.

Troops set to besiege Mogadishu

A JOINT force of government and Ethiopian troops advanced to within 18 miles of the Islamist-held Somali capital, Mogadishu, yesterday and revealed plans to besiege the city rather than attack it.

Ethiopia says victory in sight over Somali militias

ETHIOPIA yesterday claimed it was halfway to victory against Somali Islamic militiamen and could seize their Mogadishu stronghold within days following a week of war in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia launches air strikes as war in Somalia escalates

ETHIOPIAN warplanes attacked two Islamic-extremist held airfields in Somalia yesterday, witnesses said, in the most dramatic strikes yet of a war threatening to engulf the Horn of Africa.

'Butcher of Addis Ababa' is guilty of genocide with torture regime

THE former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam was found guilty in absentia of genocide yesterday after the 12-year trial of one of Africa's bloodiest governments.

Islamic militias threaten war on Ethiopia

SOMALIA'S Islamic militias yesterday warned Ethiopia to withdraw its troops from the Horn of Africa nation within a week or face war.

Annan warns of new East African war

UNITED Nations secretary general Kofi Annan says persistent conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea represents a "classic example of the tragedy" of Africa and warned that world attention was needed to keep another war from erupting between the neighbours.

Ethiopian troops seize Bur Hakaba

Ethiopian troops have seized Bur Hakaba, a strategic town in Somalia.

Kidnappers release Irish Red Cross worker

IRISH Red Cross worker Donal O'Suilleabhain has been released by the armed group which was holding him captive in Ethiopia.

Help from above

RESCUERS in helicopters threw ropes and emergency aid to stranded Ethiopians yesterday after many scrambled on to rooftops and trees to escape floods that have killed 900 and marooned tens of thousands.

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