Eruption in Congo

Eruption in Congo

Volcano-hit Goma should never be rebuilt

THE African town of Goma, devastated by the nearby volcano, should not be rebuilt according to expert geologists.

Goma warning went unheard

THE destruction of the city of Goma in a major volcanic eruption came as no surprise. Not, at least, to Dieudonné Wafula.

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Expert ‘warned of volcano risk’

AN unpaid scientist studying Congo’s Mount Nyiragongo has said he warned international authorities the volcano was about to erupt more than a week before the city of Goma was engulfed in molten lava.

100 die in Goma fireball

AT LEAST 100 looters died in a fireball in Goma yesterday after pouring petrol into the molten lava still creeping through the town, five days after the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo.

50 die as they syphon petrol in volcano-hit city

FIFTY people were killed today when lava flowing from the Congo volcano blew up a filling station. The victims were trying to steal petrol and diesel fuel when the tanks ignited, killing 50 in the initial explosion.

Mount Fuji: Alarm over volcanic rumblings

OMINOUS rumblings deep beneath Mount Fuji, an active volcano that has been asleep for nearly 300 years, are sending shivers of alarm through seismologists, local governments and nearby communities.

Congo’s refugees journey home

PICKING their way through noxious lava, up to 300,000 people returned to Goma yesterday, three days after the volcano Mt Nyiragongo poured a river of molten rock through the capital of eastern Congo.

45 die as rivers of fire wipe out town

IT IS a land inhabited by mountain gorillas and legends of angry spirits trapped in mountains.

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