Enigma code-breakers

Enigma code-breakers

Nazi-beating computer saved

THE future of a historic decoding machine at Bletchley Park, which helped Britain defeat the Nazis, has been secured - thanks to a £75,000 windfall.

Rebuilt Enigma machine shaping up to be a cracker

SECOND World War code breakers are cracking the Enigma code today for the first time since VE Day in 1945.

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A different kind of debut

ON THE evening of 11 May 1938 Rosemary Hodson sat in her car which was making its way up The Mall to Buckingham Palace and smiled as passers-by peered in to get a glimpse of her in her white ballgown. This was her big night, when she would be presented to the King and Queen and, with a curtsey, become a fully fledged member of British high society, an eligible match for any young aristocratic considered a 'good catch'.

Nazi code is cracked after 60 years

THE Nazi code which sent thousands of allied sailors to their deaths in the Second World War has been cracked more than 60 years after Britain's best mathematical minds failed to break it.

Enigma code-breaker and professor dies in Capital

A RENOWNED language expert who helped crack the Enigma code has died in Edinburgh at the age of 91.

Code cracked as hunt for Grail goes on

IT is one of the most enduring myths of Western European literature, a cryptic message which has inspired tales from Arthurian legends to Dan Brown’s best-selling crime novel The Da Vinci Code.

Enigma code veteran tells all on video

A MAN who helped to break the intelligence codes used by the Germans in the Second World War has made a series of videos about his experiences.

Man who cracked computer engima

WHEN Alan Turing achieved a distinguished degree at King’s College, Cambridge, in 1934, he appeared to be on course for a successful career as a mildly eccentric don engaged in pure mathematics.

Variations on Enigma

You didn’t have to be mad to work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, but it probably helped.

Enduring enigma of ransomed code-breaking machine

IT READS like the plot of a detective novel, but now the inside story of the infamous theft of the code-breaking Enigma machine is to be disclosed.

Theft remains an enigma as cypher machine is returned

IT WAS a mystery that would have foxed many of the brilliant code-breakers employed at Bletchley Park, otherwise known as Station X, during the Second World War.

Gran and her secret work on Nazi codes

FOR more than 30 years she kept a discreet silence about the role she played in helping the Allies beat the Nazi war machine.

Antiques dealer jailed

AN ANTIQUES dealer was jailed for ten months yesterday for handling a stolen Second World War Enigma encoding machine.

Enigma man in court

‘It’s a result for all who want to see this machine back’

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