English Channel collisions

English Channel collisions

Ferry firm seeks to sink bids to swim across Channel

A SHARP rise in the popularity of cross-Channel swimming has sparked demands from a ferry company for better regulation of the sport - and calls for an outright ban from French coastguards.

Channel collision perplexes navy

AN inquiry into how a second vessel crashed into a shipwreck in the English Channel was continuing last night, French Coastguards said.

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Channel faces passenger disaster, warn experts

WITH between 400 and 500 shipping movements a day, the Channel is one of the busiest - and most dangerous - sea corridors in the world.

Pollution alert as oil tanker hits sunken transporter

A SHIP carrying 70,000 tonnes of highly flammable gas oil last night collided with the submerged car transporter which sank in the English Channel two weeks ago.

Near-miss for wreck

ANOTHER ship came close to hitting the wreck of the 50,000-tonne car-carrying vessel which sank in the English Channel, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said last night.

English Channel ferry warning as ships collide

MARINE investigators were yesterday trying to establish why the English Channel has become a maritime game of "dodgems" after three ships that should have passed in the night collided - twice.

Ship collides with wreck

A CARGO ship has run into the sunken Tricolor, the vessel that went down in the English Channel taking with it luxury cars worth £30 million .

Salvage of luxury car cargo ship delayed

BAD weather yesterday hampered a salvage operation on a cargo ship which sank in the English Channel with luxury vehicles worth £30million on board.

Cargo ship sinks with 2,800 cars

A 50,000 tonne cargo ship carrying more than 2,800 brand new cars sank in the English Channel early yesterday morning after colliding with another vessel.

2800 cars lost as cargo ship sinks

A CARGO ship carrying more than 2800 new cars has sunk after colliding with another vessel in the fog-bound English Channel.

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