End of Airdrie FC

End of Airdrie FC

Steven keen to make home advantage count

EDINBURGH CITY, who, for most of last season were Premier Division title challengers but eventually had to settle for the runners-up spot, await the visit of Whitehill Welfare in their first home league game of the season at Meadowbank Stadium (kick-off 2.30pm).

ANDREW SMITH: Buying a club is bad for your wealth

CERTAIN activities invariably arouse a whiff of suspicion. Park your brand new Jag outside a run-down council estate or drive it slowly past dimly-lit street corners where short-skirted women are congregating and no amount of protestations will prevent people concluding you are on the fiddle - in some respect or another.

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Border skirmish

THE white board on the wall of the secretary’s office details a number of pre-season fixtures against Scottish First Division sides while, outside, the black and white painted wall that surrounds the neat Raydale Park pitch is being attacked by hammers. Gretna FC have a date with the Scottish Football League, and they are determined to look their best both on and off the pitch.

Airdrie United weigh up bid for Clydebank

AIRDRIE United have been thrown a lifeline by the administrators of Clydebank after it was revealed that the Second Division club, whose assets are up for sale, will consider any offer made by chairman Jim Ballantyne.

Gretna win return to Scotland

FIFTY-FIVE years after they eloped into English football, Gretna FC came home yesterday and in the process ensured that Airdrie’s messy divorce from Scottish football is now irreversible.

Decision day for the SFL seven

THE seven teams hoping to join the Scottish Football League will learn their fate later today as the 29 remaining member clubs decide which should take the place of Airdrieonians FC.

Gretna win Airdrie’s place in Scottish League

Gretna are to end a 55-year spell in English football to replace the now-defunct Airdrieonians in the Scottish Football League.

Now or never for Airdrie United

JIM Ballantyne will have just ten minutes today to try and ensure the name of Airdrie does not vanish from the Scottish Football League fixture list after a presence of 108 years.

Airdrie United provide 20,000 reasons for SFL place

THE backers of the new Airdrie United club hoping to replace Airdrieonians in the Scottish Football League have lodged a £20,000 bond in the bank as proof that they intend to pay off the "football debt" of their predecessors.

Ballantyne pledge to old Airdrie

AIRDRIE United have promised the Scottish Football League they will be prepared to pay out to the players who were left high and dry by the demise of Airdrieonians.

New Airdrie could be forced to settle the debts of defunct Airdrieonians

THE newly-formed Airdrie FC could yet be asked to meet the football debts of the now defunct club Airdrieonians if they gain entry into the Scottish League.

Seven teams bidding for Scottish League position

SEVEN clubs are vying for the right to replace Airdrieonians in the Scottish League and they will learn their fate on 18 June.

Ex-Airdrie manager to face creditors in court

THE former manager of Airdrie Football Club is facing the prospect of a jail sentence over the trail of debt he left behind after his failed attempt to buy the club.

Airdrie name game could be in vain

AIRDRIEONIANS are dead ... long live Airdrie. If you believed you had heard the last of the defunct football club, think again.

League wannabes face daunting task in prising the door open

FAR from the well-oiled machine that it would like to be, the Scottish Football League is regarded by many as a clanking pile of junk. New parts have been ordered following the demise of Airdrieonians, but there are some who argue that the only answer is to strip it down completely.

New Airdrie give Stewart his first managerial job

SANDY Stewart and Brian Rice were yesterday appointed as the management team of the "new" Airdrie - even though the club has yet to gain a place in senior football. Both were with Airdrie last season as the club came close to winning promotion to the Premier League - but was then put into liquidation, losing its place in the SFL.

Liquidator makes life difficult for Airdrie

ATTEMPTS to save Airdrieonians from extinction by buying the club’s official name and applying for re-entry to the Scottish Third Division have been thwarted by the liquidators, who will refuse to sell the club’s name separately from the stadium.

Move to maintain football presence in Airdrie

IT was confirmed Airdrieonians had lost their place in the Scottish Football League yesterday - but Airdrie FC could be playing in the SFL next season.

Lanark clubs miss the bus

STAND at the doors of Tully’s Bar in Motherwell, and it is possible to look across the road and just make out the sheet-metal structure that is Fir Park, a couple of hundred yards in the distance. Seven miles away in Airdrie, the walk from the 166 Masonic Lodge to New Broomfield is reckoned to be no more than a few minutes.

Falkirk turning corner with a lucky break at last

IT has been a sad week for Scottish football after the demise of Airdrie and the sudden realisation that football clubs in general are on the very brink of extinction.

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