Election 2005 - other parties

Election 2005 - other parties

Glasgow poll ends in fury as candidates refuse to stand with BNP man

UGLY scenes marred the declaration in Glasgow after candidates refused to share the platform with the British National Party.

Galloway takes 'safe' Labour seat in anti-war shock win

GEORGE Galloway, the maverick former Glasgow Kelvin MP, took the supposedly safe seat of Bethnal Green and Bow from Labour yesterday in a shock election victory.

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Dismal night as Welsh nationalists lose ground

THERE was disappointment for Plaid Cymru today as the party lost one of its four seats, failed to win its number one target of Ynys Mon and saw its share of the vote plummet across Wales.

Focus on turnout in Northern Ireland

UNIONISTS and nationalists in Northern Ireland spent a sleepless night before counting for the province’s 18 Westminster seats was due to begin today.

Galloway fury at ITV 'liars' as he storms off news show

GEORGE GALLOWAY, the former Labour MP, yesterday stormed off a news show, denouncing the interview as a "set-up".

Galloway rails at divorce story

GEORGE Galloway, the leader of the anti-war party Respect, yesterday claimed that a newspaper was seeking to damage his election chances by publishing a story about his marriage split.

Dead soldier's mother to take legal action

THE mother of a teenage soldier killed in Iraq is planning to take legal action against the Government over the death of her son.

Author backs father of dead soldier to beat Blair

THE novelist Frederick Forsyth yesterday became the latest high-profile personality to publicly back an attempt by the father of a murdered Red Cap to unseat Tony Blair.

New Party aims to break mould - but not yet

A WEALTHY Scots industrialist promised yesterday to invest millions of pounds in a new political party in an attempt to break the main parties’ grip on British politics.

Galloway warns poll fraud fear may hurt race relations

GEORGE Galloway, the maverick anti-war campaigner, yesterday warned that fears of ballot-rigging in the east London seat he is contesting could spark racial tensions.

Rivals take on extremists in ugly election battle

IT IS 36 hours after he was held hostage and "sentenced to death" by those who claim to represent the community he hopes will return him to Parliament, and George Galloway is dutifully helping the police calm tensions in the neighbourhood.

Blair challenges voters: 'Put your trust in me or Howard'

TONY BLAIR was today set to issue a challenge to voters to decide who they trust to lead the country after May 5 - him or Michael Howard.

Green Party candidate says sex change is not an election issue

A TRANSSEXUAL candidate fighting for an Edinburgh seat in the General Election today said she hoped voters would not put her sex change on the political agenda.

Fight stepped up to cut post votes fraud

THE Government announced it was stepping up efforts to warn the public of the dangers of postal voting fraud in the final days before the General Election on May 5.

Blair hails Labour's 'strict and fair' immigration stance

TONY BLAIR today waded into the immigration row, claiming that Labour’s policies on the issue were "strict and fair".

Tory election supremo warns candidates face tough times

THE Tory election supremo has warned candidates of tough times ahead and urged them to step up their efforts to win over the electorate.

City blasts local income tax plan as unworkable

CITY leaders today warned against introducing a local income tax in the Capital after branding it unworkable.

War is a critical issue even if they don't mention it

IT’S NOT listed in the top ten issues of the campaign. It’s rarely in the headlines. And it’s something Labour politicians don’t talk about publicly unless they have to.

UKIP wants 'our country back' - but not Kilroy-Silk

UNITED Kingdom Independence Party candidates launched their election manifesto yesterday, demanding "our country back" from the clutches of the European Union.

Regiments campaigner stands down

ALLAN Hendry, the Save the Scottish Regiments candidate for East Kilbride, has decided to stand down to give Rose Gentle, the anti-war campaigner, a clear run against Adam Ingram, the Armed Forces Minister.

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