Edinburgh's sex industry

Edinburgh's sex industry

Kerb-crawling crime doubles in two years

THE number of men charged by police after trawling the Capital's streets for prostitutes has almost doubled in two years, new figures show.

New massage parlour sparks 'red light' Easter Road fears

AN application to open a massage parlour on Easter Road has raised "grave concerns" that the area will become known as a red light district.

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Calls for sex sauna ban to end the 'cycle of abuse'

THE city's deputy leader today defended Edinburgh's system of licensed saunas amid calls to close down those where sex is being sold.

Hotel 'will not tolerate prostitution'

THE Balmoral Hotel says it takes a "zero tolerance" approach to prostitution after the News revealed high-class call girls were using its rooms.

Sex in the City: Vice girl reveals why she still walks the streets

DRESSED in black netted tights, her flimsy coat pulled tightly around her face, a frail-looking woman steps gingerly over patches of ice in a towering pair of leopard-print high heels.

Sex for sale at the Balmoral Hotel

HIGH-CLASS prostitutes are secretly selling sex in the Balmoral Hotel because it is one of the safest places in Edinburgh to meet clients, an Evening News investigation can reveal.

In depth: Vice girl reveals all about her career

Every morning, Laura Lee wakes up, takes a shower and makes her ten-year-old daughter breakfast. She puts on a smart suit, grabs her briefcase and enjoys a brisk walk to work. Her first meeting with an important client is scheduled for 9am.

Prostitution - 'We prefer it to operate in dark corners'

BY its very nature, the sex industry is a mystery to the majority of people - those who don't engage with it, never mind work in it or use its services.

Number of kerb-crawlers arrested in city on the rise

THE number of men arrested by police while trawling for street prostitutes in Edinburgh has risen, new figures reveal.

Lap dancing crackdown bid is thrown out by MSPs

A PROPOSED crackdown on lap dancing venues has been thrown out by MSPs despite winning the support of the government.

Strip club owners attack plan for tough venue licence crackdown

STRIP club owners have hit out at plans to crack down on lap dancing, and accused politicians of putting their dancers at risk.

Laws on sale of sex put on back burner

THE Scottish Government is to await the findings of an inquiry into human trafficking before any further review on prostitution, after MSPs threw out plans to criminalise selling sex.

Lap-dance bars: 'Owners say they are picked on unfairly'

THE call by MSP Sandra White for tougher legislation to control the spread and activities of lap-dance bars is not a new one but as the whole issue seems historically to be fraught with legal difficulties she will have a tough task on her hands.

Legal bid to strip the city of lap dance bars

MSPs are being asked to bring in a new law which would allow councils to ban lap-dancing.

Organised crime groups flooding Scotland with Brazilian prostitutes

UP TO one in four prostitutes working off-street in Scotland is from South America.

Sex for sale just yards from Church Assembly

SEX is for sale just yards from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on The Mound, and next door to a school for ministers.

Sauna girls are given tax break by top judge

A JUDGE has ruled that sauna girls in the Capital are not liable for VAT payments over their cut from door fees paid by customers.

Safety fears as vice girl service is withdrawn

EDINBURGH'S long-running support service for prostitutes is to be wound up after funding was cut by two thirds.

Role reversal as men get their kit off for charity at strip bar

IT'S a dramatic role reversal for regulars at a city centre strip bar.

Call for outright ban on the sale of sex in city saunas

CAMPAIGNERS are pressing for another change in the law on prostitution, which would see sex for sale in the Capital's saunas outlawed, just a year after kerb-crawling was made illegal.

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