Edinburgh's new tram network

Edinburgh's new tram network

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Tram costs hit £600m with two years to go

MORE than £150 million has been spent on Edinburgh’s troubled trams scheme in the last 12 months, bringing the price to almost £600m and raising concern the total cost of the scheme could exceed its latest budget.


Review of shredding policy in wake of lost tram papers

COUNCIL chiefs today said they were reviewing their policy over how long they keep documents after claims they had shredded important files on the trams project ahead of a public inquiry into the fiasco.


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Tram bosses 'inflated cost of scrapping beleaguered £1bn project'

OFFICIALS in charge of Edinburgh's tram project have been accused of "inflating" the costs of cancellation after it emerged £80 million has been chopped off the latest estimate in the space of two months.

Tramworks to resume with fresh contract

DRIVERS in Edinburgh's west end face months of disruption from later this month under plans for the next phase of tram line building in the city.

Leader: Tram success? Think walking on water

IN THE Biblical miracle, a crowd of 5,000 was fed on five loaves and two fishes. Edinburgh city council is confident it can pull off a similar feat in the realm of local government finance. It intends to complete the tram project to St Andrew Square, borrow £200 million to help meet the increase in the final cost - and all this without cutting services.

Fresh blow for Edinburgh's trams as Croydon says no to leasing vehicles

THE Edinburgh trams project has been dealt a further blow after its directors failed in an attempt to raise vital funds by leasing out some of its redundant vehicles.

SNP in refusal to sit on tram body

THE Capital's SNP councillors have been accused of acting like "Pontius Pilate" after refusing to sit on a body set up to oversee the tram project.

Outrage over 'waste' of cash on tram line that may never arrive

CRITICS are demanding to know who sanctioned the decision to "waste" nearly £40 million more on Edinburgh's beleaguered trams project.

Lothian Buses could be sold to pay for Edinburgh Trams

UNION leaders have issued a "hands off" warning amid fears Lothian Buses could be sold to help tram bosses plug a £170 million funding gap.

Brian Monteith: We can't let the HS2 train leave the station

I promised myself I would not write about the trams this week - or any other calamity that Edinburgh council has landed the city with. And I was sure that readers would want something different from News of the World, Murdoch, Coulson, Brooks and decidedly dodgy politicians trying to find the moral high ground in a cesspit of corruption, crime and sleaze they helped make.

Trams peace-maker cost city £3,000 a day

A MEDIATOR brought in to help broker a peace deal between the constructors of Edinburgh's troubled trams project and the council was paid £3,000 a day, it has been revealed.

Trams 'won't hit festive season'

Tram work on Edinburgh's main shopping thoroughfare will again be halted throughout December after a deal was struck to ensure that works do not impact on festive trade or the Hogmanay street party.

Trams: 'Remedial work' may spell more misery yet

THE Capital faces fresh tram misery after it emerged that yet more work is needed to move underground pipes and cables in the city centre.

Trams 'may worsen air quality in Capital'

THE Capital's tram project could worsen air pollution in some areas of the city by encouraging lorries and trucks on to Edinburgh's roads, a senior council official has admitted.

Trams PR costs £900,000

TRANSPORT Initiatives Edinburgh, the firm set up to deliver the capital's over-budget and overdue tram project, has spent more than £900,000 on a string of public relations in the past three years, it has emerged.

Lawyers and PR firms are paid millions from city's tram saga

LAWYERS and PR firms have continued to pocket millions from the Capital's tram project as it has lurched from crisis to crisis, it has emerged.

At last, some progress as tracks laid

IT'S been a while, but signs of progress on the tram project were clearly visible at Haymarket yesterday.

Foreign cash may bail out Edinburgh's trams

EDINBURGH council chiefs have claimed that finance from overseas firms could be a possible "funding avenue" for completing the route of the Scottish capital's troubled trams project.

Council's tram figures don't add up

I HAVE spent nearly 30 years dealing with infrastructure projects and finance around the world, including tram and railway projects. From this experience, I would observe that the costings presented by City of Edinburgh Council (your report, 23 June) for resolving the tram fiasco make no sense.

Council backs tram line from Airport to St Andrew Square, now get it built

THE troubled tram project will be completed from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew Square – if city chiefs can address a funding gap of up to £228 million within two months.

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