Edinburgh Old Town fire

Edinburgh Old Town fire

Cowgate blaze site overhaul gets the go-ahead

THE massive £40 million redevelopment of the Cowgate fire site has finally been given the go-ahead, six years after the blaze ripped through the area.

Cowgate plan welcomed by neighbours

NEIGHBOURS of the Cowgate fire site have welcomed news that a £40 million redevelopment plan for the site has passed its first planning hurdle.

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Fire crews continue to tackle city blaze

FIREFIGHTERS were yesterday continuing to dampen down a blaze that broke out in Edinburgh's Old Town on Friday night.

Revellers flee as second major fire in six years rips through Old Town

FIRE crews were today still tackling a major blaze which broke out last night in the Old Town.

What kind of phoenix will rise from Cowgate ashes?

WHEN fire broke out in centuries-old buildings in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, the news spread quickly not just around the city but across the world.

Author leads fight against £40m hotel for the Cowgate

AUTHOR Alexander McCall Smith and seven other eminent figures today attacked proposals for a £40 million SoCo hotel development in the Cowgate.

Sparks fly over plan to develop blaze site

IT WAS the scene of one of the worst fires in Edinburgh in living memory: a blaze which destroyed a host of historic buildings and created a gaping hole in the heart of the capital.

It's decision time on soCo vision for Old Town site

NEARLY six years after a major fire ripped through the heart of the Old Town, plans for the future of the derelict Cowgate site have been submitted to the city council.

Grand plan for Old Town blaze site is unveiled

It is five years since inferno razed businesses to the ground but £40m scheme could be worth wait.

Cowgate fire site: An injection of life for a key part of the Old Town

AT long last detailed plans are to be submitted to the city council for the regeneration of the site created by the devastating Cowgate fire.

Archaeological dig on blaze site reveals 'Cowgate palaces'

ARCHAEOLOGISTS digging at the site of the fire that devastated part of Edinburgh's Old Town have uncovered remains of buildings going back to the 16th century.

Fringe venue to rise from the ashes at Gilded Balloon site

A MAJOR Fringe venue is to be created on the site of the Old Town fire, it was revealed today.

Dome to rise on fire site in £40m tribute to architectural genius

A GLASS dome inspired by the works of the architect Robert Adam will be the landmark feature of a £40 million development in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town.

Glass dome tops plan for Cowgate fire site

A GLASS dome is to be the centrepiece of a £40 million hotel and leisure complex set to dramatically transform the fire-hit Cowgate site.

Architect's heart of glass

THE BBC's Restoration series is upon us again, highlighting buildings that have stood the test of time, but are in dire need of rescue. This year they include an Orkney lighthouse which is the oldest in Scotland, a 16th-century church in Cromarty and a Greek Revival town hall in Berwick. They command affection for different reasons - historic, architectural or simply because they have become part of a much-loved landscape.

Old Town blaze site in frame to house photography centre

THE site of the Old Town fire in the Cowgate is being considered as a potential home for the planned Scottish National Photography Centre.

New life to rise from Old Town ashes

A MULTI-MILLION pound project to regenerate part of Edinburgh's historic Old Town, which was ravaged by a devastating fire four years ago, has been unveiled.

Cowgate rising from the ashes

A NEW hotel, arts centre, homes and offices are all planned for the Cowgate fire site, which is being touted as the home for a new cultural quarter in the Edinburgh.

Edinburgh's Cowgate to rise from ashes

A MULTI-million-pound deal has been struck to transform part of Edinburgh's historic Old Town which was destroyed by fire three years ago.

£20m rebirth for the Cowgate

A MULTI-MILLION pound deal to transform the Cowgate fire site three years after it was destroyed has been clinched.

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