Edinburgh botanic gardens

Edinburgh botanic gardens

Botanics backtrack on fees

THE boss of the Botanic Gardens has ruled out the introduction of an entrance fee for the visitor attraction, despite it facing huge cuts to its budget.

Outrage as Botanics bosses reveal £5 admission fee plan

BOSSES at the Botanic Garden have been urged to drop plans to charge visitors an entrance fee of up to £5.

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Fee plan for Royal Botanic Garden

ONE of Scotland's leading visitor attractions is considering admission charges after being warned it could lose a quarter of its government funding.

Botanics boss blasts plan for new bakery stall outside gates

PLANS for a cake stall at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Garden have angered bosses at the tourist attraction.

Exploding cucumbers ..how cool are they?

IT IS the last place you would expect a violent explosion.

Botanics specimen grows 20ft in months, but death will follow

IT HAS been waiting for its moment in the sun for decades.

Gardens: Benmore Botanic Garden, Dunoon, Argyll

There are two ways of reaching the newly restored Victorian fernery at Benmore, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) offshoot in Argyll, and both are equally dramatic.

Biggest glass house will be truly green

BRITAIN'S biggest greenhouse is to be created in Scotland in an ambitious plan to boost the fortunes and reputation of the nation's main botanical garden.

Icelandic bank 'wasn't approved for Botanics'

THE Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh did not seek approval from ministers to open an account with an Icelandic bank that subsequently collapsed, it has been claimed.

Botanics set to remain a free-for-all

VISITORS to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh have been assured the gardens are to remain free, following reports an entry fee was to be introduced.

Calls grow to charge £4 for a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden

VISITORS to Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden could soon face a £4 admission fee because of a major financial shortfall.

£4 entrance fee planned to dig Botanics out of trouble

VISITORS to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh may have to pay a £4 entry fee to cover losses left in the wake of the collapse of an Icelandic bank.

Three centuries of plant expertise

THE Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has been at Inverleith since 1820, though its history dates to 1670, when two doctors leased a small garden in Holyrood Park to cultivate foreign plants.

New festival berry exciting

SCOTLAND'S rich and diverse berries are celebrated this weekend in a unique Berry Festival taking place at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Oh flowers of Scotland, we'll see your like again

SOME of the world's rarest plants clinging to survival in isolated pockets of Scotland are to be thrown a lifeline to save them from extinction.

Hot topic

THERE are two very good reasons for visiting Scotland's glasshouses in winter. One, it gives you a chance to experience exotic blooms from around the world, and two, it'll give you a blast of heat, helping you to forget about the weather outside. From Aberdeen's Duthie Park to botanic gardens in Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, these impressive glass structures allow a far greater range of species to be grown in Scotland than if we were able only to garden outdoors.

Greenhouse to host green class

A DROP-in session will be held in the Royal Botanic Garden to help people find out how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Award puts silver lining on clouds

THE skies may have been grey and the roads torn up by roadworks, but one team of judges was able to see through it all to vote Edinburgh Scotland's most beautiful city.

Gardens: The original takeaway

THIS MONTH, ALL EYES ARE on China, as the drama of the Olympic Games is played out across Beijing. But whether we realise it or not, most of us already have a direct link to China via our gardens. Hydrangea, hollyhock, rhododendron, camellia, buddleja, forsythia, weigela and weeping willow are just a few typical garden plants found all over Scotland that actually have Chinese origins.

Lottery fund may help to reveal secrets of cottage

ITS run-down appearance gives little clue to its part in the history of one of Edinburgh's most treasured visitor attractions.

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