Edinburgh at the polls

Edinburgh at the polls

General Election 2010: New era begins as coalition partners get down to work

NEW Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg were today putting together Britain's first coalition government for 70 years.

General Election 2010: 'Crunch time' for coalition deal as further talks begin

A FRESH round of talks aimed at forging a coalition to run the country was due to get under way today, with hopes that a new government could be in place by tonight.

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General Election 2010: Scots Tories lose plush Capital office

SCOTTISH Tories are moving out of their plush headquarters in Princes Street after the end of a rent-free deal with millionaire benefactor Irvine Laidlaw.

General Election 2010: Deal talks resume amid Lib Dem fears of Scots backlash

COALITION talks between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats resumed today amid warnings from the grassroots of both parties against giving too much ground.

General Election 2010: Gordon Brown invites Nick Clegg in for coalition talks

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown made a direct overture to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today, offering immediate legislation on a referendum on electoral reform in return for a deal which could keep him in Downing Street.

Ian Swanson: Fight for power is all over - barr the talking

A FEW months ago, the Tories were going to win the election with a comfortable majority. A few weeks ago, the Lib Dems were set to secure a massive swing in their favour.

General Election 2010: SNP fails to make ground despite expenses scandal

THE CONTROVERSY over Jim Devine's expenses had little impact in Livingston as former West Lothian Council leader Graeme Morrice stormed to victory for Labour.

General Election 2010 quotes

A DEFLATED Nick Clegg addressing supporters in his Sheffield Hallam constituency: "We simply didn't achieve what we hoped."

General Election 2010: Victorious Connarty hits out at cuts

MICHAEL Connarty made it a double for Labour in West Lothian with a triumphant win over the SNP in Linlithgow & Falkirk East to equal colleague Graeme Morrice's Livingston victory.

Gina Davidson: There was something in the air, but it wasn't change

PERHAPS it was the stink of stale sweat expended during the campaign, or the reek of so many politicians in one room at the same time. Maybe it was fear that gains expected would fail to materialise. Whatever it was, there was a definite whiff of something rather unpleasant in the air of Meadowbank's Hall 1 last night.

Margo MacDonald: Capital needs tailor-made policies

EVEN though nobody likes a smarty pants, in the Evening News on Wednesday past I told readers that even before polling stations had opened, we knew that the elections conducted on each side of the Border were different, reflecting the different politics, economies and attitudes of Scotland and England.

General Election 2010: Lib Dem Challenge is seen off by Labour in city seats

LABOUR supporters in Edinburgh were jubilant today after holding on to two city seats they feared were about to be lost to the Liberal Democrats.

General Election 2010: SNP says voters acted to keep out the Tories

WAVERING voters made a last-minute decision to stick with Labour to keep out the Tories, a defeated SNP candidate claimed.

Election 2010: Greens 'lost on tactics'

SMALLER parties lost out in the election because of fear, according to Peter McColl, co-convener of the Green Party in Edinburgh.

General Election 2010: Gilmore tells of delight at becoming MP

SHEILA Gilmore, the newly elected MP for Edinburgh East – the first seat to be called at the Meadowbank count at around 2:50am – could barely see over the podium to thank her agent, colleagues and family, given her diminutive height.

General Election 2010: Curran refuses to speak next to BNP candidate

GLASGOW'S election declarations descended into chaos after candidates refused to make speeches on the same platform as the BNP when the result was announced.

General Election 2010: Moffat's successor extends existing lead

NEW East Lothian MP Fiona O'Donnell led Labour to a decisive win despite being parachuted in just one month ago after the ousting of Anne Moffat.

General Election 2010: Legal challenges likely as voters turned away

LEGAL challenges are set to be launched over results in several seats in England, after voters were unable to cast their ballots due to huge queues, low staff numbers and a shortage of ballot papers.

General Election 2010: Hamilton wins hands down

IN Midlothian, Labour's David Hamilton, 59, won with 18,449 votes, up 1.5 per cent on 2005.

General Election 2010: Harper cries 'tears of joy' for Green MP

GREEN Party MSP for the Lothians Robin Harper said he wept "tears of joy" on seeing the party's first MP elected.

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