Eating Out - Ethnic restaurants

Eating Out - Ethnic restaurants

Restaurant review: Chop Chop, Commercial Quay, Edinburgh

CHOP Chop's dumplings make people giddy with excitement. I've heard friends, colleagues and vague acquaintances rave about these dinky comfort food parcels, which are available in Sainsbury's and, incidentally, in The Scotsman's staff canteen.

Restaurant Review - Kokuryo, Glasgow

Kokuryo is Glasgow's, and as far as I can ascertain, Scotland's, only Korean restaurant and it inspires debate.

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Course you can

IN THE current climate where tapas, mezze and dim sum are to be found on every High Street, the concept of eating three square meals a day seems out-dated, not to mention a little greedy.

Chinese whimpers

HOW reassuring it is to read the philosophy of Chinese cooking.

Daily grind

GLASGOW has the edge when it comes to cool cafés boasting a number of hotspots for lounging with a latte. Tinderbox (0141-339 3108) on Byres Road is perhaps the most slickly hip but the intriguingly named Where The Monkey Sleeps (0141-226 3406, below) boasts an art gallery and underground cool. The Scots-Italian contribution to café culture can’t be overlooked and Little Italy (0141-339 6287), again on Byres Road, does do some of the best pizza slices known to man.

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SOME couples are simply perfect together. Not often human couplings, I regret. But consider the great twinnings of our culture: mince and tatties, pasta and tomatoes, beer and pretzels, and... nachos and margaritas.

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AlTHOUGH our culinary horizons are broader than ever, there are certain foods and ethnic cuisines which we just don’t do in Scotland.

Glass Act

MATCHING ethnic food with the right liquid can be a bit like working out a rather cryptic crossword, particularly with all this fusion stuff around. In a restaurant situation, it’s even worse. You only have a few minutes to make up your mind. The key to success is to make a quick recce of the culinary territory to ascertain acidity, sweetness and heat. Then find a liquid that will enhance and combine well with the flavours of the food, rather than overpower them.

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