E. coli outbreaks

E. coli outbreaks

EU anger grows as Germany plays down threat of E coli

Germany reported two more deaths and 300 more E coli cases yesterday, but its health minister insisted that new infections were dropping.

Cucumber compensation not enough, EU told

THE European Union proposal to offer €150 million (£134m) in compensation to farmers affected by the E coli outbreak is insufficient and producers should be fully compensated, Spain's farm minister said yesterday.

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Backing for antibiotic therapy in E coli fight

GERMAN doctors are using antibiotics in a bid to save patients infected with the new strain of deadly E coli, despite fears it may do more harm than good.

Beansprouts ruled out as the source of deadly E coli

The hunt for the source of Germany's lethal food poisoning continues after experts said there was no evidence linking it to beansprouts.

German bean sprout farm identified as ground zero in E coli outbreak

German-grown bean sprouts are the likely source of the deadliest E coli outbreak in modern history, according to agricultural officials.

E coli bug 'traced to restaurant'

GERMAN scientists are looking for clues about the source of the killer E coli food bug in a restaurant in the town of Luebeck after 17 people fell ill after eating there.

Timeline: How the outbreak has spread

24 May: German authorities warn of a new strain of E coli.

Damages: Germany 'backs Spanish cash bid'

Germany is considering pushing for EU compensation for Spanish farmers after it erroneously blamed its vegetable produce for starting the E coli outbreak that has killed up to 18 people, Spain said.

The disease: Mutant strain is the most deadly yet found

THE mutant strain of E coli which is spreading across Europe is a new variant of the bacteria which appears resistant to drugs and has the ability to glue itself to the intestines of the person affected.

E coli source 'may never be known' as UK cases rise to 11

THE number of British cases of the deadly new strain of E coli rose to 11 yesterday, as health experts in Germany continued to search for the source of the outbreak.

Dani Garavelli: The outbreak of an aggressive new strain of E Coli is terrifying consumers and puzzling scientists

KIDNEY specialist Rolf Stahl has never seen anything like it in the 18 years he has been heading the medical clinic at Hamburg's university hospital. Since patients with severe complications - caused when the E Coli bug now sweeping Europe began pouring into his facility more than a fortnight ago - his staff have been working flat out, grabbing an hour or so sleep whenever they can.

E. coli: other outbreaks

1996: Scotland's worst outbreak of E coli was in Wishaw when 21 people died – the highest-ever death rate caused by the bacteria in a single incident. They died after eating contaminated meat supplied by a local butcher. The outbreak infected more than 500 people.

Hugh Pennington: Time will tell if this new bug will become a regular cause of food poisoning

THE outbreak in Germany is being caused by E coli O104, a strain of the bug that has not caused outbreaks before.

Wash fruit and veg warning as E coli killer sweeps Europe

HEALTH experts are advising people to wash all fruit and vegetables before eating them, after an "entirely new super-toxic" strain of E coli infected more than 1,600 people worldwide, including seven in the UK.

Source of E coli unknown as 1,500 people infected in Germany

GERMAN health officials said yesterday there had been a dramatic rise in the number of people infected in an E coli outbreak which has so far killed 16 and whose source is still unknown.

HPA fined over E coli spillage

THE Health Protection Agency was fined £25,000 yesterday after up to a billion doses of the deadly bug E coli were spilled in an accident at its laboratory.

Widespread ignorance of E coli bug disease risk

Two thirds of visitors to Britain's countryside have never heard of the potentially deadly E coli 0157 bug - the infection which was responsible for the deaths of 21 people in Wishaw.

Open farm E coli warning

FARMERS who participate in open days for members of the public, or who welcome visitors on to their farms, have been advised to heed the findings of the inquiry into the outbreak of Ecoli 0157 at Godstone farm last Autumn.

Family to sue over farm E coli outbreak

A FAMILY is taking legal action after a girl was infected with E coli during a farm trip.

E coli cases linked to petting farm rise to 64

THE number of people who have contracted E coli in an outbreak linked to a children's farm has risen to 64, the Health Protection Agency said yesterday.

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