e-business report

e-business report

Thewink has a real eye when it comes to spotting big break

OVER the last decade, the internet has become firmly ensconced as the communication tool of choice for modern business.

ANALYSIS: A bumpy ride ahead as lessons still not learned

LONG ago, in the late 1990s, we fooled ourselves into thinking that we had mastered the art of managing the economy. Unemployment and inflation fell to the lowest levels in a generation. Federal deficits turned to surplus. Stocks did better than ever. Optimistic forecasts were routinely exceeded. Even the triple whammy of long-term capital management’s collapse, Asia’s financial panic and Russia’s default didn’t overwhelm the mighty macro manager, Alan Greenspan.

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Internet defamation case set to clarify liability for e-commerce

THANKS to the unique nature of the internet, it can provide benefits which no other media can offer, such as the bulletin board system, a famous example of which is Friends Reunited.

E-BUSINESS REPORT: The importance of erecting a firewall in the event of an internet invasion

ONE of the inescapable truths of the internet is that every unprotected web server is a threat - not just to the organisation which owns it, but also to other web users everywhere.

E-BUSINESS SPECIAL: Broadband services look to wider horizons

THE dream of massive bandwidth available at low cost to both businesses and consumers is - depending on your point of view - either still a dream, or slowly coming into being. It’s like the old story of the glass being half-full or half-empty.

E-BUSINESS SPECIAL: Sometimes it pays to come in second

AT THE height of the dotcom boom last year, when weird and wonderful ideas seemed to be springing up everywhere , e-business gurus were full of the importance of first mover advantage.

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