DVD reviews

DVD reviews

DVD reviews: The Next Three Days | Biutiful

The Next Three Days Lionsgate, £17.99

DVD reviews: The Green Hornet | Dobermann

Our film critic reviews the best and worst of this week's new releases...

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DVD reviews: Monsters | Rubber

Monsters Vertigo, £17.99

DVD reviews: Stone | Blooded

Stone Lionsgate, £15.99

DVD reviews: Dream Home | Wakewood

Dream Home Network Releasing, £14.99 Wakewood Vertigo, £15.99

Film review: The Eagle

With a promising idea and a director who can do great things, it's disappointing that interference and delays made this heather-and-sandals epic into a slow-cooked turkey

DVD reviews: London Boulevard | Skyline

London Boulevard EV, £19.99

DVD reviews: Let Me In | Jackass 3

Our film critic reviews two of this week's new releases...

Film review: Howl

Howl (15) Directed by: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman Starring: James Franco, Jon Hamm, David Strathairn ***

DVD reviews: Easy A | Brighton Rock

Easy A Sony, £15.99 Brighton Rock Optimum, £15.99

DVD reviews: Amer | Vamp

Amer Anchor Bay, £15.99

DVD reviews: Takers | Going the distance

Takers Sony, £15.99 Going the Distance Warner Bros, £15.99

DVD reviews: The Town | 22 Bullets

Our critic looks at the best and worst of this week's releases....

DVD reviews: The Other Guys | Black Dynamite

The Other Guys Sony, £17.99

DVD reviews: Deep Red | The Hole

Deep Red Arrow, £17.99

DVD reviews: I'm Still Here | Please Give

I'm Still Here (Optimum), £17.99 Please Give (Sony), £19.99

DVD releases: Gainsbourg | F

Gainsbourg Optimum, price £17.99 F Optimum, price £15.99

DVD reviews: Scott Pilgrim vs The World | The Last Exorcism

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Universal, £19.99 The Last Exorcism Optimum, £17.99

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