Dunblane killings

Dunblane killings

Gunman boasted of making town 'as famous as Dunblane' to friend

GUNMAN Derrick Bird boasted "Whitehaven will be as famous as Dunblane" just weeks before he massacred 12 people, an inquest has heard.

Remembering Dunblane: Marie Sinclair - A social worker who broke the news to parents

The school of course was absolutely mobbed… It was like an awful nightmare. It was so small for all this to be happening, this intense grief…

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Remembering Dunblane: Jenny Shields: A newspaper reporter

THE phone went and it was the news editor. He said: 'I want you to get to Dunblane as fast as possible, there's been a mass shooting …'

Remembering Dunblane: Pam Ross - Whose five-year-old daughter Joanna was killed

I JUST remember tucking Joanna's hair into her hat making sure she was warm and she left at the back door with her grand father...

Remembering Dunblane: Mick North: His five-year-old daughter Sophie was killed

THE day started very normally. I was a single parent (his wife died from cancer two-and-a-half years earlier] so I had to make sure Sophie was up.

Dunblane teacher recalls chilling moment Thomas Hamilton burst into gym, massacring 17

CHILDREN killed at Dunblane Primary when Thomas Hamilton stormed into the gym and opened fire were so young that they thought his horrific attack was a game, their PE teacher said yesterday.

Dunblane father urges Scots control of guns law

A FATHER whose five year-old daughter was murdered in the Dunblane massacre has called for firearms legislation to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Ministers try to ease gun law for Games

MINISTERS are planning a relaxation of post-Dunblane gun laws to help British pistol-shooters compete successfully at the 2012 Olympics, it emerged last night.

Dunblane gun register 'unfit for purpose'

A NATIONAL Firearms Register promised by the Government following the 1996 Dunblane massacre is ten years behind schedule and "fundamentally flawed and not fit for purpose", it has been claimed.

Dunblane victim's father fights to stop arms trade

THE father of a girl killed in the Dunblane massacre is extending his fight against guns worldwide, by calling for a crackdown on the arms trade.

Games row as Dunblane remembers

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell has backed the decision of Scots athletes to allow a shooter to carry the Saltire at the opening of the Commonwealth Games - a choice made on the tenth anniversary of the Dunblane massacre.

Anniversary of Dunblane a private affair

THE families of Dunblane massacre victims were marking the tenth anniversary of the tragedy privately today.

Warning over Dunblane, 10 years on

Key quote "We will be lighting candles, as we have done every year, and will recall with great affection how so many people in Dunblane and beyond also lit candles on the first anniversary to show that our children and their teacher were not forgotten. We hope they will be remembered on this tenth anniversary" - spokesman for the families of the Dunblane victims

Child sex book 'cashing in on Dunblane'

A BOOKSHOP chain was last night criticised for selling an "absolutely disgraceful" book on the Dunblane massacre written by a man convicted of possessing child pornography.

The dawn of hope

AS MARCH 1996 turned to April and the snowdrops, which came to symbolise the Dunblane parents' anti-handgun campaign, gave way to spring flowers, a preternatural calm returned to Steve and Beverley Birnie's home.

'It is important to look back, even when the memories are hard to bear'

OF all the different stages of childhood, there is something very special about Primary One children.

'Never a day will pass without us speaking to you or about you'

NANCY McLaren is Megan Turner's grandmother. She wrote this piece in March 1997, a year after the Dunblane killings. She has allowed us to reproduce it as part of our 10th anniversary coverage.

Dunblane gun crackdown 'a failure'

ALMOST a decade after the Dunblane massacre, ministers have been accused of an "abject failure" to crack down on the number of firearms in circulation.

After the horror

IN A quiet suburban street, in a detached red brick house, a cardboard box sits wedged under the stairs. At least a dozen times each day an ordinary 15-year-old boy in baggy jeans and a Green Day T-shirt runs up and down the stairs, seemingly oblivious to the box and its contents. While Matthew Birnie has been told that the box is there, he has no interest in opening it; at least, not yet.

Dunblane victims 'betrayed', say peers

SENIOR police officers and Whitehall bureaucrats have "betrayed" the victims of Dunblane with their failure to set up a national firearms register almost a decade after the tragedy, angry peers have claimed.

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