Drugs policy

Drugs policy

Police warn over ecstasy after rogue batch linked to deaths

CONCERNS have been raised over increased use of ecstasy, and a rogue batch which may contain traces of another Class A drug, which has been linked to deaths in Europe.

Drop in number of drug addicts

The number of heroin and crack addicts needing treatment has fallen by almost 10,000 in the past two years.

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Lib Dems to call for drug possession law change

LIBERAL Democrats are poised to call for the decriminalisation of the possession of all drugs, insisting that current laws are "harmful" and "ineffective".

Six arrested after cocaine haul seizure

A RECORD £300 million haul of cocaine has been seized and six alleged members of an international drugs gang arrested, officials said today.

Mitch Winehouse begs government to revamp rehab centres

THE father of Amy Winehouse has pleaded with the government to reform drug rehabilitation centres for youngsters in memory of his daughter.

Dutch crack down on strong cannabis

The Netherlands, famous for its liberal soft-drugs policies, has said it may label some highly concentrated forms of cannabis as a hard drug, on a par with cocaine or heroin, because of the risk of addiction.

Call for crackdown on drug-driving

A FORMER road safety minister has urged the UK Government to tackle the "scourge" of drug-driving.

Millions driving while high on drugs

Millions of Britons are driving cars while high on illegal drugs, a survey has found.

Letter: Tackling drugs

Professor Neil McKeganey, when responding last week to the Global Commission on Drugs Policy, used the terms decriminalising and legalising as if they meant the same thing. This is profoundly misleading, especially in relation to heroin which is highly addictive, with both physical and mental dependency.

Letter: High time power is taken from drug gangs

At THE start of the National Health Service, GPs could prescribe any drugs for their patients and there were only a few hundred addicts in the country. There are now more than three million.

War on drugs can't be won, say international experts

A CONTROVERSIAL report demanding the decriminalising of drugs - backed by a panel including former world leaders and businessmen - has been dismissed as a potential "disaster" by a one-time Scottish drug squad boss.

Background: How illegal substances went from the fringes of Scottish society right to its very heart

UNTIL the late 1970s, illicit drugs in Scotland were widely viewed as something exotically dangerous and the preserve of distant figures such as pop stars and wealthy aristocrats who had gone off the rails.

Neil McKeganey: 'We would end up with a problem of a similar scale to the one that we have with alcohol'

It's extraordinarily simplistic for the Global Commission to advocate that decriminalising drugs will lead to reduced addiction rates and less crime.

Rehab draws global praise

A TOUGH programme to get drug addicts and alcoholics in Edinburgh clean is attracting interest from across the world.

Hearts pair Ian Black and Robert Ogleby in nightclub arrests

HEARTS stars Ian Black and Robert Ogleby have been charged with possession of drugs after being arrested in a city nightclub.

Former Hibs star Garry O'Connor detained in city 'drugs' bust

SCOTLAND striker Garry O'Connor has been detained by police after a suspected drugs bust in the Capital.

Mev Brown: The needle and the damage done

After decades of failure when it comes to drug policy, Holyrood candidate Mev Brown looks at what's gone wrong

Drugs police in swoop on golf club and dance school

A HISTORIC golf club and a children's dance school were among premises raided as part of a massive police operation which netted £500,000 worth of cocaine.

Drug programme gave me a future

A MOTHER-of-three who beat a decades-long drug addiction thanks to a city rehabilitation project is backing a new multi-million-pound scheme to help others facing similar problems.

Rumours damage fight against addiction

Don't look for evidence of the widely reported heroin drought in Edinburgh, says Mev Brown

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