Downing Street bullying row

Downing Street bullying row

Bullying helpline inquiry

THE Charity Commission has opened an inquiry into the National Bullying Helpline.

'Civil war, what civil war?' Gordon Brown protests

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown put on a public display of unity with his Chancellor yesterday, after Alistair Darling lifted the lid on their turbulent relationship.

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Bullying hotline chief offers her resignation

THE woman at the centre of the storm over allegations that the Prime Minister is a bully has offered to resign from her charity.

Cameron taunts Brown over Chancellor's 'forces of hell' claim at rowdy PMQs

GORDON Brown attempted to come to the defence of Chancellor Alistair Darling today, denying he had instructed aides to unleash "the forces of hell" against him as Tory leader David Cameron seized the opportunity to attack the Government.

Downing Street bullying row: Brown denies unleashing 'forces of hell' against Darling

GORDON Brown today denied he had instructed his aides to unleash "the forces of hell" against Alistair Darling as he insisted he had "huge" respect for the Chancellor.

Alistair Darling: Downing Street unleased hell on me

THE Downing Street bullying scandal took a new turn last night when Alistair Darling, right, revealed for the first time how Gordon Brown's advisers tried to undermine him.

Sarah Brown stands by her man as 'prat' jibes fly in bullying row

GORDON Brown's wife Sarah has spoken out in his defence amid accusations he bullied Downing Street staff, claiming that "what you see is what you get" with her husband.

Warning: bullies at work

DO STAFF leave 10 Downing Street, collars askew, hair mussed and black of eye after a "robust policy discussion" with the Prime Minister? Of course not. But there are few who doubt that Gordon Brown has a volcanic temper and will, on occasion, administer what Alex Ferguson described as the "hairdryer" – a volley of demands that are akin to being blasted in the face with hot air. So, the question then becomes: is he an office bully?

Denials, smears and U-turns as 'bullygate' unravels

CLAIMS that the Prime Minister has been bullying his staff in Downing Street began to unravel last night after his most senior civil servant came to his aid.

Downing Street bullying row: Charity under the spotlight

CHARITY boss Christine Pratt was under the spotlight yesterday over explosive claims about calls to her anti-bullying helpline from staff in Number 10.

Downing Street bullying row: Cabinet goes on the attack before claims even published

THE focus on Gordon Brown's alleged man-management problems began when a Sunday paper claimed last month that questions were being asked about incidents of bullying.

Downing Street bullying row: David Cameron calls for inquiry

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron today called on 10 Downing Street to look into allegations of bullying of staff as the row over allegations about Gordon Brown's behaviour intensified.

Downing Street bullying row: Will it affect the general election?

Gordon Brown found himself at the centre of unwanted attention over the weekend as revelations about his temper and alleged abuse of Downing Street staff emerged in a Sunday newspaper.

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