38 'high-risk' particles are found in sea at Dounreay

MORE than 350 radioactive particles have been recovered from the seabed off Dounreay in the past nine weeks, with 38 said to be large enough to pose a significant health risk.

Robot collects 300 radioactive particles from Dounreay seabed (only 400 to go)

ALMOST 300 radioactive particles have been collected from the seabed off Dounreay since an underwater robot started an intensive search two months ago.

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Dounreay dome done for as £2.7bn clean-up seals site for 300 years

FOR more than half a century the Dounreay dome has stood as a symbol of the impact the nuclear industry has had on the far north of Scotland.

Dounreay operators reported over radiation exposure

OPERATORS of a former nuclear power plant will be reported to prosecutors over an incident in which staff were exposed to elevated radiation doses, safety chiefs said today.

Dounreay firm may be charged after nine faced radiation scare

THE operators of the Dounreay nuclear complex could face prosecution after a group of workers were affected by radiation.

Dounreay nuclear site proves the bee's knees for endangered species

A SAFE haven for a rare species has been created in the heart of one of Scotland's biggest demolition sites.

Diver robot to scour seabed in £25m Dounreay clean-up

A ROBOT the size of a small bulldozer is to sieve through the seabed off Dounreay to collect radioactive particles that have caused concern for more than quarter of a century.

Dounreay vanishing by the size of a small room every day

THE Dounreay nuclear complex is disappearing at a rate of 100 sq ft – equivalent to a room – every day, new figures have revealed.

Dounreay clean-up costs 'capped for 15 years'

FIRMS bidding for the contact to clean up the Dounreay nuclear site have been told the budget will be capped at £150 million a year for a planned 15 years.

Dounreay staff to voice fears on cuts in nuclear clean-up cash

DOUNREAY workers are today expected to question the head of the agency charged with cleaning up the nuclear power station site amid fears that future budgets may be cut.

Dounreay fishing ban to stay, says food agency

A BAN on seafood coming from an area near the Dounreay nuclear site is to stay in place, following a Food Standards Agency review.

Robot worms its way in nuclear clean-up

A ROBOTIC "worm" is providing information from underground to experts cleaning up the Dounreay nuclear plant.

Cleaned-up Dounreay cells to be bulldozed

A COLLECTION of buildings on the edge of the Dounreay nuclear site is set to be demolished as part of the £2.9 billion decommissioning of the site.

'We don't want nuclear waste dump built near our homes'

PEOPLE living near the Dounreay nuclear plant say they will fight plans for a waste dump close to their homes, despite the scheme winning the conditional backing of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Expert to give advice on life after Dounreay

THE leader of one of North America's most successful economic development programmes is helping to devise a way forward for the Highland economy post-Dounreay.

Dounreay costs pass £1bn mark

THE cost of maintaining the Dounreay nuclear plant since 2000 has climbed above £1 billion.

'Heritage strategy' plan for Dounreay

A DESIGN consultant has been asked to decide what Dounreay's legacy should be after half a century in the far north of Scotland.

£600m more and counting: taxpayers' bill for clean-up at Dounreay

THE cost to taxpayers of cleaning up the Dounreay nuclear plant has soared by more than £600 million and could become even more expensive, it has been revealed.

Dounreay opens up on closure

DOUNREAY'S operators are to open a new office in Thurso to help explain the multi-million pound clean-up and closure of the nuclear site to the public.

Dounreay chiefs confirm plan for robots to tackle clean-up of seabed

A £25 MILLION plan to use robots to clean up the worst of the radioactive particles from the seabed near Dounreay was unveiled yesterday amid claims such measures were long overdue.

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