Doughnut fruit is a real peach

PEACHES that look like doughnuts went on sale across the country today.

Less dough at Krispy Kreme

DOUGHNUT maker Krispy Kreme will restate earnings for the last three quarters of fiscal 2004 in the wake of claims the company padded shipments to hide a slump in sales.

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Less dough for Krispy

KRISPY Kreme Doughnuts’ third quarter earnings plunged 79 per cent as the North Carolina company discontinued operations and closed stores.

Sweet taste of profit

KRISPY Kreme, the United States doughnut chain, has reported a 25.6 per cent jump in total sales for the final quarter of its financial year, despite the impact of strikes among grocery store workers and unseasonably warm weather in the US.

US doughnut chains target Britons in battle of the bulge

"DO YOU want to supersize that?" asked Tonya, clearly expecting an affirmative response.

Doughnuts a zero for nation's health

"WHAT you’ve never had, you’ll never miss." This was one of my mother’s conclusions to the sort of conversation common between parents and near-adults.

New doughnut craze set to roll in US invasion

KRISPY Kreme doughnuts have a cult following in the United States, but their invasion of the UK could attack thousands of waistlines.

Nuts about those sugar Os

Bill Clinton had more than one dirty little secret.

William Rosenberg: Dunkin' Donuts founder

WILLIAM Rosenberg, the food franchising pioneer who founded the Dunkin’ Donuts chain and saw it spread from coast to coast in America and into 37 countries, has died at his home in Mashpee, Massachusetts. He was 86.

Object Lesson: Doughnuts

THIS week is National Doughnut Week, which aims to raise money for Save the Children with more than 1,000 high-street bakers nationwide donating proceeds from their sales.

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