Dog attacks

Dog attacks

Pit bulls back as dangerous dogs pounce across Lothian

ATTACKS by illegal pit bull terriers have soared during the last year, with a dozen owners reported under the Dangerous Dogs Act after people were bitten.

Lawyer wants to bring dog walkers to heel

TO MANY busy young professionals, commercial dog walkers provide a vital service in keeping their canine companions happy while they are at work.

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Scotland is 'ahead of the game' over dangerous dog laws

PLANS to force owners of dangerous dogs in England and Wales to muzzle or neuter their pets should not be adopted in Scotland, the MSP behind a dangerous dogs bill has said.

'Dogbo' orders for unruly pets

DOG owners could be required to take out compulsory insurance against the risk of their pet attacking someone.

MSP relaunches bid to make law on dangerous dogs 'punish owners'

ANIMAL campaigners hope that a new law on dangerous dogs will be in place in Scotland by next year.

Pressure to bring back dog licence after attack

ANIMAL welfare campaigners today called for the re-introduction of dog licences following a horrific attack by a stray Staffordshire terrier in the Lothians.

Dangerous dogs: 'Thoughtless owners still flout the rules'

IT is almost 20 years since a series of horror attacks on children prompted the Government to introduce the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Stray dog tears pets to shreds

A DANGEROUS dog which killed a family pet and attacked its owner is being hunted by police.

Dog-attack man cleared of crimes

A DOG owner whose pet bit three people had his convictions quashed by appeal judges, who ruled that a driveway where the incidents took place was not a public place.

Killer dog tragedy was an accident just 'waiting to happen'

A NEIGHBOUR of the couple whose rottweiler mauled their 13-month-old baby grandson to death said yesterday the attack was an accident "waiting to happen".

Attacks by dogs soar to new high

THE number of people attacked by dogs in Scotland has risen by 160 per cent in the past eight years, prompting calls for new laws to crack down on violent pets and their owners.

Burning issue: Should people be banned from owning rottweilers?

NO Mike Flynn, chief inspector of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Woman hurt in dogs attack

A WOMAN was taken to hospital after being attacked by four rottweilers, which also killed her dog.

Killer dog: Grandmother takes blame

ELLIE Lawrenson's grandmother yesterday admitted in court that she was responsible for the five-year-old's death after the youngster was fatally mauled by a family pet.

Girl, 5, 'mothered and loved' pit bull that mauled her to death

ELLIE Lawrenson loved and mothered the pit bull terrier that mauled her to death, a court heard yesterday.

Gran 'high on drugs' as killer dog attacked

A WOMAN charged over the death of her granddaughter, who was mauled by the family dog, smoked cannabis and drank on the day it happened, a court heard yesterday.

Pit bulls spark 'fight' fears

TWO illegal pit bull terriers have been seized after raids in Edinburgh - prompting fears they may have been used in dog fights.

All dogs may have to be microchipped

MINISTERS are considering the compulsory microchipping of all dogs as part of a range of measures to crack down on dangerous breeds, The Scotsman has learned.

Dog-owners urged to keep 'killers' on lead

DOZENS of young animals - including badgers, deer, foxes, swans and ducks - have been killed by dogs let off leads by their owners, the Scottish SPCA warned yesterday.

Ellie's uncle admits owning banned dog that killed her

THE uncle of five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson was yesterday warned he could face jail after he admitted owning the dog that killed her on New Year's Day.

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