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Directory inquiries

Directory inquiries

Numbers don't add up as 118 costs more and is used less

THE switch to new 118 directory enquiries services has been condemned as a failure in an official report published today.

Directory inquiries begin to get their numbers right at last

WITH their humorous adverts and snappy slogans, the plethora of companies set up last year to offer directory inquiry services were meant to represent a brave new era of consumer choice after years of British Telecom monopoly.

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Expensive line

A DIRECTORY enquiries service will launch a rival to the national train hotline from 1 October.

Why callers are deciding 118 is a wrong number to dial

THE national 192 directory inquiry service was officially ended a year ago amid promises that deregulation would offer consumers "real choice" for the first time.

It's a wrong number for directory as enquiries fall

THE number of people calling directory enquiries has dropped since the launch of the new 118 services, according to a report published today by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

118 runners to swap vests for jumpsuits in new ads

THE 118 118 directory enquiries service is dropping its two Seventies-style runners from future advertising.

BT putting up inquiry prices

BT is to put up the price of connecting to its 118 500 directory inquiries service.

Telegate wins new clients

TELEGATE, which runs the 118866 directory enquiries service, has won two clients for its Scottish operation.

Infoxx plans £700m listing on LSE

INFOXX, the group behind directory inquiries company The Number, plans to float on the London Stock Exchange.

Thanks for the memories

TELEGATE, the company which runs the 118866 directory enquiries service from a call centre in Dumfries, chose a rather surprising line for its "Sticks in your mind" advertising campaign.

Thus pulls plug on directory inquiry service

SCOTTISH telecoms group Thus is pulling the plug on its 118 directory inquiries service after a damning report from the industry regulator Oftel.

Firm hangs up on 118

A COMPANY has scrapped its directory inquiries service in the wake of a damning report by telephone watchdogs.

Numbers don't add up for 118

NEARLY four in ten callers to 118 directory inquiry services are given the wrong number.

Watchdog slates 118 phone service

NEARLY four in ten callers to 118 directory inquiry services are given the wrong number, the phone regulator that introduced the new system has said.

Number's up for directory services

OFTEL, the telecoms regulator, is being forced to use mystery shoppers in an attempt to rein in the sharp practice being employed by many of the recently launched directory inquiry services.

Oftel denies its numbers are wrong

OFTEL, the UK telecommunications regulator, has defended its controversial deregulation of the directory inquiries market, insisting that the new regime had given consumers more choice and a much wider array of competitive services.

118 firm runs into legal row

AN ex-British athlete is seeking compensation from the 118 118 directory inquiries firm after claiming the joggers in its adverts are modelled on him.

Oftel investigates 118 phone firm

A TELEPHONE number inquiries company has been put on notice by the telecoms regulator Oftel.

Conduit review as chief quits

CONDUIT, the Irish directory inquiries company, is to review its 11 88 88 business in the UK after losing its chief executive.

Directory inquiry firm hits out at 'fiasco'

THE switch-off of 192 has been a branded a "fiasco", with new directory inquiries providers misled about the number of calls they were likely to receive, one of the companies claimed yesterday.

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