'Trigger' for diabetes revealed

Fatty food trips a genetic switch in the body that can trigger diabetes, a study has found.

Bacon for breakfast can boost diabetes risk by 50%, warns study

EATING bacon for breakfast every day can increase the risk of developing diabetes by more than 50 per cent, say researchers.

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Diabetes rise sparks deadly diet warning

THE number of people suffering from diabetes will increase four-fold in the Lothians if diet and alcohol habits don't improve, health chiefs have warned.

Beating diabetes gave grandad Calum a new lease of life

RETIRED police officer Calum Laurie ate what he liked and shunned exercise for more than 30 years.

Diabetics 'can beat illness by sticking to low-calorie diet'

People with Type 2 diabetes could reverse their condition by following an extremely low-calorie diet for just two months, according to new research.

Silence over diabetes threatens thousands

Almost a million people could be damaging their health by keeping their diabetes a secret, a charity has warned.

Diabetics from wealthy homes 'live as long as poorest Scots'

HAVING diabetes has the same effect on someone's risk of death as living in one of Scotland's most deprived communities, research shows.

Scientists find a 'master switch'

Scientists believe they have found a "master switch" gene that could help in treating diabetes, high rates of cholesterol and obesity-related diseases.

Maple syrup labelled superfood that could treat diabetes

Maple syrup is being hailed as a new superfood used to treat diabetes and a host of other health conditions.

High liver disease risk for diabetics

PEOPLE with diabetes are 70 per cent more likely to die from liver disease than those without the illness, according to new research.

Nicotine warning for diabetes sufferers

Nicotine may be responsible for serious complications in smokers with diabetes, a study has found.

Diabetes drug found to raise risk of death and heart disease

A DIABETES drug used by tens of thousands of Britons significantly increased the risk of heart disease and death, researchers warn today.

HIE invests £1.2m in diabetes projects

Projects aiming to improve treatment for people with diabetes are to receive almost £1.2 million from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Politicians to face questions on diabetes

a LEADING health charity is to put politicians on the spot on their policies, plans and priorities for tackling diabetes.

Heightened risk from diabetes

Having diabetes may reduce life expectancy by an average of six years, according to a large study involving researchers in Glasgow.

Case study: 'I'd like a normal birth, but it might not be an option'

DEBI Harris knows the difficulties of trying to control diabetes while also dealing with pregnancy.

'Pancreas on the hip' will make births safer for diabetic mothers

SCIENTISTS have developed an "artificial pancreas" to cut dramatically the risks for pregnant women with diabetes.

Charles Kennedy plea on diabetic drivers

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has urged ministers to amend "utterly inconsistent" rules that ban British diabetics, but not those from other EU countries, driving HGVs on British roads.

Barking up right tree in battle against obesity

A DRUG commonly found in birch bark may provide effective new treatments for obesity, heart disease and diabetes, scientists have discovered.

Almond-rich diet could help prevent diabetes

Eating almonds could help prevent diabetes and heart disease, according to a new study.

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