John Swinney calls for Scottish Parliament to be granted corporation tax powers

Finance Secretary John Swinney has demanded that Scotland be given responsibility for corporation tax following moves to give Northern Ireland the same power.

MSPs call for greater borrowing powers for Scottish Parliament

MSPs are to call for borrowing powers of up to £5 billion as part of major reforms to devolution.

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War of the professors: claim and counter-claim over Scotland's future

TWO academics who support more economic powers for Scotland have hit back at claims by fellow professors that there is "a lot wrong" with the evidence behind the case for fiscal autonomy.

Labour challenge SNP to republish 'doctored' budget

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond was today challenged to republish his budget after Labour accused the SNP of using "doctored evidence" in it.

New finance powers for Holyrood to be scrutinised at Westminster

Plans to give Holyrood a wider scope of powers are to be debated by a Westminster committee, which will examine whether they will leave Scotland better off.

Lord Forsyth demands new Holyrood referendum

A REFERENDUM could be held on plans to hand massive new tax-raising powers to the Scottish Parliament, as critics warn that the "botched" reforms are being swept in by politicians without any regard for their "damaging" impact on the economy.

Holyrood wins power to go £2.7 bn into debt

THE most radical transfer of financial powers to Scotland for more than 300 years is under way, with new legislation that will hand Holyrood £2.7 billion of new borrowing powers.

Scotland to have new tax powers by 2015

THE most radical overhaul of devolution since the creation of the Scottish Parliament is under way after the coalition government began the process which will see the country handed more control over raising its own taxes within five years.

MPs ask: has devolution delivered for the people?

THE impact of devolution on education, health and justice is to come under the spotlight in an audit carried out by three powerful Westminster committees to find out whether it has delivered for people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

'No early moves' to replace Barnett formula

IT WOULD be "quite wrong" to replace the controversial formula that allocates funding to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Westminster government insisted yesterday.

Tory 'reformer' opposed gays and devolution

LORD Sanderson, the man who is expected to be given the task of reshaping the Tories' future in Scotland, has a parliamentary record of opposing gay rights and calling for powers to be taken from the Scottish Parliament.

Westminster reviews devolution plans after tax power confusion

CONFUSION over what tax powers should be handed to Holyrood has forced the new coalition government to review its plans for devolution, Scottish Government sources claimed last night.

New Scots tax powers shelved by coalition

THE coalition government is preparing to table a "slimmed-down" Scotland Bill, which will deny Holyrood major new tax-raising powers, The Scotsman has learned.

David Cameron pledges his commitment to devolution in phone call to Alex Salmond

SCOTLAND'S First Minister Alex Salmond said today that he has received assurances from David Cameron that he is committed to devolution.

Labour differences on devolved issues

UK EDUCATION: Labour plans to allow the management of failing schools to be removed by parents, and permit the merger of successful schools with ailing neighbours. It has also promised to expand free nursery places for two-year- olds and the provision of flexible free nursery education for three- and four- year-olds. One-on-one tuition for children falling behind has been guaranteed, as has the provision of personal tutors for secondary school pupils.

Tax powers promise as 'English backlash' grows

LABOUR is to push ahead with plans to hand Holyrood new tax-raising powers as evidence emerges that voters in England are becoming increasingly resentful of the share of public spending that comes to Scotland.

Referendum lives to fight another day after election

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has tried to sidestep his political opponents and keep alive plans for an independence referendum.

Ministers denounce 'basic errors' in report of £76bn devolution subsidy

SNP ministers have hit back at a claim that Scotland has received a £76 billion devolution dividend in the last decade.

Scotland's £76 billion 'devolution dividend'

SCOTLAND has gained a £76 billion "devolution dividend" since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, as public spending has outstripped tax generated in the country by up to 45 per cent, a controversial new report has found.

Bill Jamieson: English sense we have made a killing from devolution . . it doesn't feel like it

A £76 BILLION "devolution dividend"? What a pity it simply wasn't paid out in cash. Each person in Scotland would now have received a cheque for £13,800 to spend as we please. It would have taken us out of poverty, avoided all arguments over means-tested benefits and enabled Labour to pose as the party of superlative plenty, preventing the SNP in Holyrood from grabbing at least some of the credit.

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