David Maddox

David Maddox

Thousands more Scots to be jailed by 2020

THE number of prisoners in Scotland's jails is set to rise by more than 2,000 by 2020, Scottish Government statisticians have warned, despite a slight drop this year.

David Maddox: Scots out in force to have their say on 'English problem'

ALEX Salmond might have dismissed it as an English problem, but there was no shortage of Scottish MPs in the chamber yesterday to discuss the riots that have blighted cities in the past week.

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Devolving business tax 'would cost Holyrood £12bn'

SNP plans for Scotland to control its own corporation tax would cost the Scottish Government up to £12 billion over the next five years, Treasury figures have suggested.

David Maddox: Labour on the attack as party senses an opportunity to damage PM

ON 29 SEPTEMBER, 2009, the Sun ran a headline "Labour's Lost It", where it turned its back on Gordon Brown's government and threw its lot in with David Cameron and the Tories.

News of the World: The twin inquiries - Key role for judge

PRIME Minister David Cameron said the political establishment "had not gripped" the issue of the press, which was why he planned to set up two inquiries.

News of the World: Andy Coulson: 'There's a lot I'd like to say, but I can't'

DOWNING Street's former director of communications Andy Coulson yesterday became the highest-profile figure to be arrested over the News of the World phone hacking and payments to police officers allegations.

News of the World: David Cameron's 'second chance' for a friend returns to haunt him

DAVID Cameron is fighting to save his political reputation after his friend and former director of communications was arrested over phone-hacking allegations.

News of the World: Ed Miliband calls Press Complaints Commission a 'toothless poodle'

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband will today call for the watchdog which oversees complaints about newspaper coverage to be scrapped and replaced.

News of the World: Police chief says officers who got cash from paper face court

THE head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, has said he was determined any officers found to have received payments from newspapers will face criminal convictions as a formal investigation was launched by the police watchdog yesterday.

News of the World: Charm and audacity took Rebekah Brooks

THE scalp sought by many is that of News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, who was editor of the News of the World from 2000 to 2003 when much of the alleged phone hacking took place, writes David Maddox.

Crown Estates announces £230m profit and will retain power

THE Crown Estates Commission has defended its record in Scotland after announcing yesterday a £230.9 million profit collected from property it runs across the UK.

Towns will have long wait after RAF closures

COMMUNITIES hit by the closure of an RAF base will have to wait at least ten months before the army moves in as a replacement, a senior minister has admitted.

North Sea firms welcome £50m tax U-turn after big Budget grab

THE government has moved to appease oil and gas companies with a new tax break for exploration after its £10 billion tax grab on the industry in the Budget.

David Maddox: Uncertainty at the heart of the Union appears to provide a bridging loan to Scotland

IF YOU listen to Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, other ministers and most Scottish politicians from unionist parties on the subject of an independence referendum, you would assume that current constitutional uncertainty is "bad for Scotland".

David Maddox: The unionist camp will discover that energy comes from positives and negatives

ALEX Salmond yesterday made his third trip to London since being re-elected as First Minister, ahead of what will be a strange day in British politics today when MPs from his party refuse to back a referendum on independence.

David Maddox: Scottish Labour must stop treating the London party as the enemy if Union is to remain intact

IT MAY come as a bit of a shock to some – although probably more amusement for the SNP – to learn that Scottish Labour has been forced to draft in someone from London to get the party in Scotland back on its feet.

The base line: What next for Scottish defence?

A clear picture of plans for the defence establishment in Scotland is emerging. But who the winners and losers are is still debatable

David Maddox: Just who is going to make case for the Union?

THE polls may keep suggesting that Scotland would not support independence, but the SNP has become quite adept at defying the odds, as last month's Holyrood victory showed in spectacular style.

David Maddox: Alex Salmond believes his victory has given him a mandate to which Westminister should listen

DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg's misfortunes in recent times have been well documented but there has been plenty of sniggering in Westminster by colleagues and opponents alike about his diary engagements this week.

David Maddox: In battle for referendum hearts and minds, it's the SNP that can afford heavy artillery

ONE of the untold consequences of the historic SNP Holyrood election victory is that it has created an army of state-funded activists to prepare the way for the independence referendum.

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