David Blaine

David Blaine

Blaine set to spin over Times Square

MAGICIAN David Blaine's latest stunt will see him dangle 40ft above New York's Times Square in a spinning gyroscope for almost three days before trying to escape from his shackles, he said yesterday.

Blaine out of hospital after tank stunt

MAGICIAN David Blaine left the hospital yesterday where he had been admitted for observation after being submerged in an 8ft fish bowl with an oxygen mask for a week, followed by a seven-minute breath-holding stunt.

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Blaine saved by divers in tank stunt

STUNT artist David Blaine has been pulled from an aquarium in New York by divers nearly two minutes short of his goal of setting a world record for holding his breath underwater.

Blaine plots breathtaking escape from 'fishbowl'

MAGICIAN David Blaine was preparing himself for the dramatic finale to his latest stunt today.

Blaine begins water stunt

Magician David Blaine began his latest stunt yesterday, lowering himself into the "human aquarium" where he will live for seven days before attempting to break the world record for holding breath underwater.

Next stunt for 'Yank in tank' is going to be breathtaking

HE EARNED the title "Yank in the tank" for enduring 44 days in a glass box over London. And American illusionist David Blaine is again going for confined spaces with his next stunt - seven days underwater in a feat to be called "Drowned Alive".

Illusionist lost quarter of weight in suspension box act

THE illusionist David Blaine lost a quarter of his body weight during his 44-day fast in a suspended Perspex box.

'Fun' high-wire stunt for Blaine

AMERICAN magician David Blaine has revealed he will perform an "easy and fun" high-wire act in Manhattan.

Blaine voted top of the flops

MAGICIAN David Blaine was today voted the biggest loser of 2003.

Blaine jumps to challenge

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine will plunge hundreds of feet from a helicopter into a river for his next stunt, he announced today.

Illusion confusion

SO WHAT was David Blaine all about? And what was our cynical reaction to him about? After 44 days of fasting in a suspended Perspex box, Mr Blaine is 14lb lighter and £600,000 richer.

Maybe Blaine had the right idea after all

NOTHING was happening the day I went to see David Blaine. Perhaps I should have expected that, but although I was well prepared for the yawn-inducing inactivity of the man himself, I had anticipated some sort of entertainment from the crowd.

After 44 days, David Blaine's out of his box

WHEN a Sunday newspaper tested a sample of David Blaine’s urine, the headline read: "We take the p*** out of Blaine." As the illusionist completed his 44-day starvation stunt last night, many were asking if he’d managed to do the same to the British public.

Blaine has more tests in private hospital

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine was undergoing further tests and receiving treatment in a private hospital today after completing his 44-day starvation stunt.

Food 'may kill' Blaine after fast

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine could die when he begins taking nourishment again after his fast, an expert who has examined his health warned last night.

Illusionist at risk of dying when he eats again

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine could die when he begins taking nourishment again after his fast, an expert who has examined his health warned last night.

Bobbies off the beat for Blaine

TEN police officers are facing disciplinary action after they abandoned their street patrol to go and watch the American illusionist David Blaine.

One day to go - and Blaine is still drawing crowds

AS DAVID Blaine’s self-imposed imprisonment beside the River Thames nears its end, the international fascination with the illusionist continues unabated.

Blaine fights for breath as stunt enters final hours

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine was said to be battling with palpitations and breathing difficulties today as he entered the final stretch of his starvation stunt.

Blaine hit by policing bill

ILLUSIONIST David Blaine has been asked to pay for the cost of policing his 44-day starvation stunt. Police say the circus around Blaine’s clear box, which is suspended from a crane near Tower Bridge in London, is costing large amounts of money and creating public-order problems.

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