Danish cartoon row

Danish cartoon row

Terror ruling for Somali in Danish attack

A COURT in Denmark has found a Somali man guilty of attempted terrorism for trying to kill a cartoonist whose 2005 drawing of the Prophet Muhammad stirred Muslim outrage.

Terrorist plan to slaughter newspaper staff is thwarted

Five men planning to shoot as many people as possible at the office of a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were arrested yesterday in an operation that halted an imminent attack, intelligence officials said.

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'Prophet' cartoonist escapes attacker

A SOMALI man with links to al-Qaeda broke in to the home of the artist responsible for a controversial Danish cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, police said last night.

Sudan rails against Denmark as Prophet cartoon is reprinted

SUDANESE President Omar al-Bashir declared yesterday that he would bar Danes from Sudan and told tens of thousands of people at a government-backed rally that the Muslim world should boycott Denmark because of a reprinted cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Fresh row over Prophet cartoon

CHANTING "Death to the cartoonist", dozens of Islamic students burned the Danish flag in southern Pakistan yesterday after the republication this week of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Dr Haroon Junaidi, From Edinburgh, on the Muhammad cartoons.

'Cartoon' demonstrators jailed on race-hate charges

THREE men were each sentenced to six years in jail yesterday for soliciting murder during a demonstration against an anti-Islamic cartoon.

Cambridge fury at Prophet cartoon

CAMBRIDGE University's Clare College has launched a disciplinary investigation after a student magazine reproduced the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that caused an international outcry when it was printed in a Danish newspaper in 2005.

Muslim guilty of stirring up race hate at cartoons protest

A BRITISH Muslim has been convicted of stirring up racial hatred at a protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.

Protest man found guilty over cartoon death threats

A BRITISH Muslim has been found guilty of soliciting murder during a London demonstration, in a high-profile Old Bailey case which has stoked debate over free speech laws.

Court told of calls to murder at cartoons protest

A BRITISH citizen called for the murder of American and Danish people during a demonstration in London, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

Cartoon of the prophet was not libel, says court

A DANISH court ruled yesterday a newspaper did not libel Muslims by printing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad which unleashed a storm of protests in the Islamic world.

Danes in fresh controversy over cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

THE Danish government acted quickly yesterday to quell Muslim indignation over a new series of cartoons ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad.

Man in court over protests at Mohammed cartoons

A MAN was due in court today, charged with soliciting murder, in connection with February's Muslim cartoon protests.

Man suspected of cartoons revenge plot kills himself

A PAKISTANI student suspected of planning to attack the editor of a German newspaper that reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad has killed himself in prison, authorities said yesterday.

Cartoon controversy to take centre stage

THE Danish cartoon controversy is to take centre-stage at a major international conference in Edinburgh next month.

Catholic magazine in Prophet cartoon row

THE controversy over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad was reignited yesterday after an Italian Catholic magazine printed one on its front cover.

Danish cartoon paper accused

DANISH Muslims have started legal proceedings against the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that first printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, accusing it of blasphemy and insulting Islam.

Man arrested following cartoon protest

POLICE yesterday arrested another man in connection with protests against cartoons satirising the prophet Muhammad.

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