Danielle Reid murder

Danielle Reid murder

Violent end to a life that was all too short

DANIELLE Reid's ready smile and happy demeanour masked the fact she was fated to live a short and troubled life.

Better agency link-ups 'may have saved murdered Danielle'

THE murder of a five-year-old girl whose body was dumped in a canal may have been avoided by better co-ordination between child protection agencies, according to a damning report published yesterday.

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Mother of girl dumped in canal will not appeal jail sentence

A MOTHER who helped dump the body of her murdered daughter in a canal will today formally abandon plans to appeal against her eight-year jail sentence.

Mother of canal baby claims court was misled

A MOTHER who dumped her murdered child’s body in a canal is claiming in an appeal against an eight-year sentence that a psychologist "misled" a court when he gave evidence against her.

Canal-body mother in plea to cut eight-year sentence

THE mother who helped to dispose of her murdered daughter’s body, by stuffing it in a suitcase and dumping it in a canal, is appealing against her eight-year jail sentence.

Child's murder 'beggars belief'

DANIELLE Reid’s pretty, smiling face masked the troubled life she endured in the five years she was alive. The girl was known by her extended family as a "wee angel", a description never used by her drug-using mother Tracy who did not want the child.

Mother who threw daughter's body in canal jailed

THE killer of a five-year-old girl, whose mother helped to dump her body in a canal, was jailed for life yesterday.

Sister's guilt at short and brutal life of unloved child

WHAT goes through a mother’s mind as she stuffs her dead daughter into a suitcase, wheels her corpse through the city streets and then dumps her into a canal?

Mother 'had no option' but to dump child's body in canal

A WOMAN who dumped her murdered daughter’s body in a canal after her boyfriend hurled the girl down stairs was unable to disobey her partner once she knew his death threats were "not empty", a court heard yesterday.

Mother dumps murdered girl's body in canal

A MOTHER walked for three miles with the body of her murdered five-year-old daughter in a suitcase before dumping it in a canal.

Abused, abandoned, murdered and then dumped

HER extended family knew her as a "wee angel", a happy and pretty little blonde girl, but she was destined to live a short and troubled life.

Social work investigation ordered

AN EXTERNAL investigation has been ordered into Danielle Reid’s death, which has already prompted Highland Council to change certain procedures in the under-fire Social Work department, run by Harriet Dempster.

Murdered girl's body dumped in canal by mother

A MOTHER walked for three miles with the body of her murdered five-year-old daughter in a suitcase before dumping it in a canal.

Man charged with murder of Danielle

A MAN was yesterday charged with the murder of Danielle Reid, whose body was found in a canal last week.

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