Leaders pay tribute to D-Day veterans

WORLD leaders joined thousands of veterans in France yesterday to commemorate the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Will you conduct my funeral? Yes, if you give me a firm date

FORMER Queen's chaplain Charlie Robertson has agreed to war veteran Jock Wilson's request to officiate at his funeral - but only if the 102-year-old can give him a definite date.

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Magna Carta anniversary voted as British national day

THE anniversary of the Magna Carta was named today as the surprise choice for a new national day to celebrate Britishness.

Attention! Capital veteran's uniform to go on last parade

FOR more than 60 years it has lain gathering dust at the back of a wardrobe, used only to stir the memories of a Second World War veteran.

Appeal to remember Far East war heroes

BRITONS have been urged to remember the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the 'Forgotten Army' which fought the Japanese in the Far East.

Remember the Russians on 60th anniversary

THE commemoration last June of the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landing and campaign were done with friendliness, kindness and with great respect. I was honoured to attend some of the magnificent ceremonies, as a veteran in that final year of fighting.

Medals plea for convoy veterans

CAMPAIGNERS were today set to demand belated medals for servicemen who braved treacherous conditions in the World War Two Arctic convoys.

Memorial honours 'animal allies' lost in war

A NEW memorial to celebrate the gallantry of animals in war was due to be unveiled by the Princess Royal in London today.

Poppy Appeal gets airborne

THE 2004 Scottish Poppy Appeal has been launched by the Very Rev Dr James Harkness, president of the Earl Haig Fund Scotland.

'Forgotten D-Day' veterans honoured

BRITISH veterans of the "forgotten D-Day" were due to be decorated in France today.

McConnell admits he 'got it wrong' on D-Day ceremony

THE First Minister, Jack McConnell, admitted to fellow ministers yesterday that he blundered in deciding initially to attend a golf club dinner rather than the D-Day 60th anniversary commemorative events in Normandy.

Chirac gives veteran a lift

PRESIDENT Jacques Chirac gave a D-Day veteran a lift back to Paris in one of his jets after the New Zealander got lost following Sunday’s ceremonies in northern France to honour Second World War Allied troops.

D-Day veterans return home from Normandy

THOUSANDS of war veterans returned to Britain yesterday after their pilgrimage to northern France, where emotional 60th anniversary tributes to those who fought and died on D-Day were held.

War veterans return after D-Day tribute

TENS of thousands of courageous D-Day servicemen were returning to Britain today after their final voyage to northern France to join emotional 60th anniversary tributes to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Europe.

Leaders' tributes to the fallen bring nations together

THE Queen and world leaders yesterday led the last major tribute to the world’s largest seaborne invasion.

Royal thanks

Highlights of the Queen’s speech to British veterans in Arromanches:

Old soldiers gather to remember heroes of D-Day

IN THE early hours of 6 June, 1944, RAF navigator Derek Biggs was already in the air, flying in a Stirling bomber through the stormy skies high over the Normandy beaches and on to Caen. His cargo was two tons of "window" - metal strips which fooled enemy radar into thinking it was aircraft - and a bomb bay stuffed with dummy paratroopers armed with fireworks to mock the sound of small-arms fire.

German veterans' chance to mourn

"A VICTORY for Germany" was how Gerhard Schröder described D-Day yesterday, when he became the first German chancellor to join the commemorations of the anniversary of the momentous day that heralded the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

Zealous security mars big day for some

A TOTAL of 160 towns and 130,000 inhabitants along the D-Day coastline found themselves at the centre of a mammoth security operation to protect world leaders and royalty as they marked the day in 1944 that the Allied invasion began.

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