IT experts devise software to block porn sites on school and work PCs

SCOTTISH computer experts have developed a new way to scan internet pages and stop pornography and offensive sites being loaded on to school and company computers.

Should Facebook really be banned in the workplace?

YOU'VE spent the past two hours staring at a report without making a jot of progress.

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TUC call on networking sites

WORKERS should be given time to use social networking websites in their office, the TUC urged yesterday.

Party that few can attend but millions can mock

A YOUNG trainee at an international financial services firm is the latest victim of the forwarded e-mail.

DVLA staff sacked for e-mailing porn

FOURTEEN workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have been sacked for gross misconduct after they were caught using work computers to distribute hardcore porn.

An e-mail tax is no goodwill message

A COUPLE of small questions for you; would you consider the following e-mail conversations to be personal or work-related?

Employees may face paying for personal e-mail and web use

STAFF and their employees could face a tax bill of around £730 million a year if they use workplace computers for personal e-mailing and internet surfing, it has emerged.

How to avoid getting tangled in the web of workplace e-mails

HOW would you feel about your boss reading your e-mails at work? Outraged - "My e-mails are private!" Or relaxed - "I've nothing to hide."

City banker facing sack after his sexual exploits are e-mailed across the world

A HIGH-flying City of London banker is facing the sack after using his office computer to boast about his sex life in an e-mail that spread around the world.

Nine council workers sacked over 'inappropriate' use of internet

NINE Scottish council workers have been sacked for "inappropriate" use of the internet and e-mail at work.

Can workers be disciplined for personal e-mails?

Q WHILE one of our employees was on holiday we had to access her e-mail, due to an urgent enquiry. While sifting through her messages we noticed there was a huge number of personal e-mails.

Word police spell bad news for e-mail bigots

THOUSANDS of computers in Scotland are having 'bigotry-checkers' installed.

Firms warned to take a 'Big Brother attitude' to e-mails

BUSINESS information consultancy Croner today urged firms to take a "Big Brother attitude" when monitoring employee e-mails, given that 35 per cent of all outbound office e-mail is unrelated to work.

Executive has sacked three staff for downloading porn

THREE Scottish Executive civil servants have been sacked for downloading pornography since 2000, it was revealed yesterday.

Child porn shock in workplace

THREE-QUARTERS of company bosses have said they would not call in the police if they caught an employee downloading indecent images of children from the Internet.

Workers fired for e-mail chat win tribunal

THREE staff at a ScottishPower call centre who were fired for chatting via the company’s e-mail system yesterday won their unfair-sacking claims.

Is slacking the only way to survive the office?

Bienvenue, good morning and welcome to the latest cultural nougat from the auld alliance.

E-mails help to defend the truth

PEOPLE are less prone to lying in e-mails than they are using other forms of communication.

Staff warned as bosses begin to adopt Big Brother tactics

OFFICE staff are being urged to be vigilant amid claims that company bosses are launching covert surveillance operations to spy on them at work.

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