Cumbrian shootings

Cumbrian shootings

Police negotiator texted Bird, begging him to stop rampage

A POLICE negotiator phoned and sent text messages to gunman Derrick Bird as details of his murderous rampage started to emerge, an inquest heard.

Gunman 'smiling' after shooting taxi drivers

"Wide-eyed" gunman Derrick Bird smiled after shooting two of his former colleagues, the inquest into last year's Cumbria shootings heard.

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Gunman boasted of making town 'as famous as Dunblane' to friend

GUNMAN Derrick Bird boasted "Whitehaven will be as famous as Dunblane" just weeks before he massacred 12 people, an inquest has heard.

Full horror of Derrick Bird's killing spree recounted at inquest

KILLER Derrick Bird shot his semi-naked twin brother 11 times with a rifle after confronting him in his bedroom, the inquest into the deaths of his victims heard today.

'Ban criminals like Derrick Bird from owning guns'

A CHANGE in the law to prevent criminals who receive suspended jail terms from holding a gun licence for five years should be introduced, a report into the killings by Derrick Bird has recommended.

Mass killer's home sold for £35,000

The home of mass murderer Derrick Bird has been sold at auction for £35,000.

Mourners gather to remember gunman's youngest victim

MOURNERS packed a town crematorium yesterday for the funeral of the youngest victim of gunman Derrick Bird.

Survivior of the massacre among 80 people at funeral of Cumbria killer

MASS killer Derrick Bird's funeral finally took place yesterday, with 80 people – including one of his victims – attending the service.

Cumbrian shootings: Grief for a father, brother, victim

GUNMAN Derrick Bird's family were united in grief yesterday as they said goodbye to the killer's twin brother, David.

Funeral of Cumbria killer Derrick Bird's twin held today

THE funeral for David Bird, the twin brother and first victim of gunman Derrick Bird, takes place in Cumbria today.

Cumbria shootings survivor recalls ordeal

A SURVIVOR of Derrick Bird's shooting rampage in Cumbria spoke today of the moment he was wounded twice by the crazed gunman.

First of Cumbria gun massacre victims laid to rest

THE first funeral service for a victim of the Cumbria gun massacre took place yesterday with loved ones and hundreds of mourners paying their last respects to Garry Purdham.

Question of the week: Should anyone with a criminal conviction instantly be banned from owning a firearm?

WELCOME to Scotland on Sunday's online feature, Question of the Week.

Thousands gather to shed tears in remembrance of massacre victims

CABBIES blew their horns to salute a victim of Cumbria gunman Derrick Bird yesterday, exactly a week after the massacre.

Cumbrian shootings: Taxi driver has hand amputated

A TAXI driver shot in his car by gunman Derrick Bird is understood to have had his right hand amputated.

Cumbria shootings: 'It just wasn't my time,' says victim shot twice by Derrick Bird

A VICTIM of Derrick Bird's shooting spree has told how he was shot twice by the gunman but managed to survive by crawling to safety.

Cumbria shootings: Motorist took off after Derrick Bird and saw him shoot two victims

A DRIVER who pursued Derrick Bird during his killing spree has told how he watched the taxi driver blast two of his victims.

Cumbria shootings: Police chased gunman after third killing, but then lost track of him

POLICE have confirmed for the first time that officers tracked the Cumbria mass murderer Derrick Bird from shortly after his third killing, but were unable to catch up with him for another three hours – while he killed another nine victims.

Cumbria shootings: 'Mortified by these sad events' say sons

IN A statement read by Reverend Jim Marshall, curate of St Michael's Church in Lamplugh, Cumbria, Derrick Bird's sons, Graeme and Jamie, Bird said: "We are utterly devastated about the death of our father Derrick Bird.

'Quick' police response praised

DERRICK Bird's murder spree was a "unique event in the history of policing" and the response of Cumbria police was "very good", one of the UK's most senior officers said yesterday.

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