Cruise liners

Cruise liners

Sea change - Cruising the Mediterranean aboard Sea Gem

The cruise ship Norwegian Gem dumps stuffy etiquette overboard, and flies the colours of all that is beautiful in the Mediterranean

Rescue survivors brought to the UK

A BRITISH cruise ship yesterday returned to the UK with six Algerians rescued from a small boat in the Mediterranean.

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Woman, 62, goes missing from QE2

POLICE boarded the QE2 liner when it docked in Southampton yesterday after a 62-year-old German woman passenger was reported missing by her husband.

Passengers tell of terror on high seas as liner suffers 'freak roll'

HOLIDAYMAKERS clung on for their lives off Florida yesterday as a cruise ship listed dramatically, washing people out of the swimming pool "like a mini-tsunami".

Reality show takes to seas

REALITY TV-themed cruises, with unsuccessful talent show contestants voted off the ship by fellow holidaymakers, are set to be introduced from next year.

Virus ship precautions

PASSENGERS on the latest cruise of the ship hit by a virus three times in a month have been asked to fill out a pre-boarding medical questionnaire.

Dozens opt to stay away from sickness-hit liner

DOZENS of passengers have refused to set sail on the cruise ship struck by a serious sickness outbreak.

Passenger slams bug control on cruise ship

A RETIRED nursing leader caught up in the Black Prince sickness outbreak has slammed infection control measures on board the ship.

Virus ship stripped of carpets

HEALTH inspectors will rip up carpets and furnishings in a ship on which 100 people were struck down with a vomiting bug last weekend, the third such outbreak on the boat.

Safety chiefs probe liner after bug breaks out for third time

A LUXURY cruise liner hit by a third outbreak of sickness in less than a month docked at Leith today to be met by council safety officials.

Liner suffers third outbreak of illness in less than a month

A LUXURY cruise-liner is returning to Scotland after a third outbreak of sickness among passengers in less than a month.

Cruise delayed by vomiting bug sets sail

A CRUISE ship hit by a vomiting bug finally set sail from Edinburgh for Scandinavia last night - after a 24-hour delay to ensure the vessel had been thoroughly disinfected.

'Prisoner' passengers vent anger after bug hits liner

CRUISELINER passengers yesterday expressed anger at being "imprisoned" in their cabins after a virus outbreak turned a luxury holiday into a nightmare.

Bug-hit cruise passengers offered cash off next trip

CRUISE ship passengers struck down by a highly contagious vomiting virus are set to be offered compensation - money off their next trip.

Liner orders clean-upafter passengers laid low by vomiting bug

A HOLIDAY cruise liner will undergo a major cleaning operation in Leith today after more than 100 passengers were struck down by a vomiting virus.

Vomiting bug outbreak hits city cruise ship

DOZENS of Scots holidaymakers on a cruise ship which left from Edinburgh have been struck down by a vomiting bug.

Cruise that became the holiday from hell

MORE than 1,700 Britons left a luxury cruise ship yesterday after the trip turned into a "holiday from hell" when 200 people caught a vomiting bug.

Virus puts paid to cruise holiday for 500 travellers

A TRAVEL company has apologised to hundreds of passengers whose cruise holiday was ruined by a viral outbreak.

500 sent home as virus grounds cruise ship

UP to 500 holidaymakers have been sent home today after their cruise ship was detained because of a virus outbreak.

Crewman dies after fight on luxury liner

A CREW member aboard the world's biggest luxury cruise liner has died after a fight with a colleague on the ship.

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