Cow Parade

Cow Parade

Moo-ved to new pastures

NO matter where you turned you couldn’t escape them. One was clad in a gangster’s pin-stripe suit trilby hat, one as the Terminator, while another was dressed at Tarzan.

Watt luck for school . . the cow's come home

ONE of the brightest stars of this year's Cow Parade has found a home at Dunbar Grammar School.

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Man behind CowParade takes the podium

THE man behind CowParade will talk about the world-famous art event at a lecture in the Capital next week.

Primary pupils meet a new playtime pal

PUPILS Anson Cairns and Nicky Christoforou from Royal Mile Primary met Over the Moo-n, a cow from the Edinburgh CowParade.

Artistic cows raise fortune at charity sale

A HERD of fabulously decorated life-size plastic cows which brightened Edinburgh's streets for more than two months raised over £250,000 at a glittering charity auction last night.

Much at steak in celebrity cow auction

CELEBRITY guests are tonight set to battle it out to get their hands on one of Edinburgh's CowParade cows.

Artist's gift to schoolgirl after cow is stolen

A SCHOOLGIRL who designed one of the multi-coloured cows in Edinburgh's CowParade is to be given a painting of her bovine statue because it was stolen before she got to see it.

Cows mooved to auction

A TOTAL of 60 fibreglass cows from the CowParade are set to go under the hammer this week.

CowParade gets ready to moove over

EDINBURGH'S army of fibreglass cows are being prepared to meet their fate - being auctioned off for charity.

Hotel will be real cattle market

THEY have graced the city's streets for the past two months and have entertained thousands of visitors to the Capital.

Doing cow run for charity?

A PhD student is attempting to visit all 94 CowParade cows scattered across the Lothians in just 24 hours.

Capital cows 'best thing in two centuries'

EDINBURGH'S multi-coloured cows were today hailed as the best thing that happened to the Capital in more than 200 years.

CowParade churns out increase in city visitors

THE CowParade has been credited with sparking a big rise in visitors to some of the city's leading attractions.

Saltire cow beheaded by thugs at night

A SALTIRE-COVERED Cow-Parade cow has been attacked and vandalised beyond repair at its location outside the Scottish Parliament.

New cleaning duo to spruce up dirty cows

EDINBURGH CowParade has employed cleaners to scrub up the statues after event bosses feared they were starting to look grubby.

Cow travels steerage with the Navy in search of pastures new

THE LIFE of a cow is generally quite straightforward, involving nothing more strenuous than chewing the cud and getting milked occasionally.

Charity cow to hoof it home

A CHARITY cow stolen from its plinth in Prestonpans has been found in a garden in the Capital.

Anti-graffiti team to fight cow vandalism

COWPARADE organisers have drafted in the council's anti-graffiti team to help clean vandalism to some of the statues in the event.

Steaks raised as second cow goes missing

FRUIT Smooothie, the missing CowParade cow feared stolen, has been picked up by council staff after being vandalised.

Can-Can cow to help clean up the Capital

A CAN-CAN Cow has joined the CowParade in an effort to raise awareness of recycling and anti-litter issues.

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