Unique counselling service for city's disabled shut down

A UNIQUE counselling service for people with disabilities has been forced to close its doors after being refused funding by major donors.

Online help is at hand for people with eating disorders

TREATING eating disorders online is the future for counselling, according to specialists in the conditions.

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Ex-mental health patient scoops grant

A FORMER mental health patient has been given a £1000 grant to study counselling at university.

Stress fears for exam students

ALMOST one in four university students has sought counselling to help them cope with exam stress.

Give marriage counselling a ring

A CHARITY celebrating 40 years of supporting families with relationship counselling is looking for recruits to become volunteer marriage counsellors.

Drug treatment group warning

COUNSELLING experts have warned about a drug and alcohol treatment group operating in the Capital, linked to the controversial Church of Scientology.

Alarm over drug treatment group

COUNSELLING experts have issued a warning about a drug and alcohol treatment group operating in the Capital, linked to the controversial Church of Scientology.

Crisis deepens for disabled counselling

A CASH crisis threatening the future of a pioneering city counselling centre for the disabled is growing ever more desperate as the deadline for vital funding draws nearer.

Unique service for disabled faces axe after funding crisis

A CASH crisis is threatening the future of a pioneering city counselling centre for the disabled.

Lifeline of hope for those with nowhere to turn

IF A face-to-face conversation is to be a successful interaction, we will need to do more than simply talk. Our body language and, most importantly, our listening skills, ought to make up the rest.

Parents of anti-social youth to face £1,000 fine or counselling

PARENTS of children with anti-social behaviour problems are to be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to go to counselling under a new crackdown on unruly youths in Edinburgh.

Parent orders to control children

PARENTS of unruly children will be forced to go to classes, rehab or given counselling under a new crackdown on antisocial youths.

'Macho' Scots men turn to therapy

SCOTS men are shedding their macho image and turning to therapy, according to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

New diabetes sufferers to get counselling for depression

PATIENTS are to be offered counselling when they are diagnosed with diabetes in the Lothians to help them cope with the dramatic change in their lives.

Self harm counselling offers hope to victims

A NEW service to provide support to desperate young people who are choosing to harm themselves as a means of coping with their lives is to be launched in the Capital next week.

Listening profession hopes to sign wider range of recruits

COUNSELLING and psychotherapy are undergoing a makeover, thanks to the Confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies (COSCA), the professional body for counsellors and psychotherapists in Scotland.

Scottish rape drug line launched

A DEDICATED helpline for victims of drug-related rape is to be launched in Scotland. It will offer counselling to people assaulted after having drinks spiked with substances like Rohypnol.

New counselling hotline for drug-rape victims

A NEW telephone hotline offering counselling to drug-rape victims is to be established in Scotland.

Is staff trust on the line with company counselling?

IMAGINE it’s late one Saturday night, you’re at home in front of the TV when your partner rolls in drunk. Angry words are exchanged, insults fly and suddenly it all gets just a little bit physical.

Time for heart to heart?

BITTER cold, raging storms, power lines down, communications severed - and warnings of more squalls to come. The relationship between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair is even worse than the weather. This is a marriage in crisis. An arranged marriage, certainly, but one which was vital to the birth of the little prince, New Labour, and a proper fairy tale ending to the 17-year panto of Conservative rule.

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