Council tax

Council tax

£3bn: the true cost of council tax freeze

FREEZING council tax will cost Alex Salmond's government more than £3 billion, according to a new report that casts doubt over the funding of flagship infrastructure projects and warns of deep financial cuts to pay for pledges on free higher education, prescriptions and personal care.

SNP launches manifesto with pledge to extend council tax freeze

THE SNP has pledged to extend the council tax freeze for the full five years of the next Scottish Parliament as part of its manifesto for the May 5 Holyrood election.

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Tory MSP says Scots public should vote on plan to increase tax powers

A TORY MSP will today call for a referendum on plans to hand more tax powers to the Scottish Parliament, claiming the public should have their say before the plans are pushed through.

Scots facing a 'council tax time bomb' to pay PFI bills

HOMEOWNERS are facing a council tax time bomb as a result of the high cost of PFI projects, a new report has claimed.

350 taken to court every day over unpaid council tax bills

MORE than 350 people a day are now being taken to court for failing to pay their council tax in Edinburgh, new figures have revealed.

City's anger at tax freeze 'blackmail'

SCOTTISH Government chiefs were today accused of "blackmail" after it emerged that failing to sign up to a new budget agreement would cost the Capital £34 million.

Warning over McCrone deal on teachers' pay

Councils could be forced to back a "review of the McCrone agreement" on teachers' pay and conditions as part of the deal for freezing the council tax, according to Cosla.

Council tax freeze 'risks jobs of 1,500 teachers'

UP to 1,500 teaching jobs could be axed to cover the cost of Alex Salmond's flagship council tax freeze policy for just one year.

City considers council tax rise to close funding gap

COUNCIL tax could still rise in Edinburgh next year despite the SNP's announcement that it plans to continue the freeze.

SNP to freeze council tax for two years

THE SNP has promised to freeze council tax for a further two years as the Nationalists officially launched their campaign for next year's Scottish election.

SNP pledge to keep council tax freeze

The SNP today launched its campaign for next year's Holyrood elections with a pledge to freeze the council tax for another two years.

Plan to raise city's council tax by £70 to stave off cuts

COUNCIL tax payers in Edinburgh could see a rise of up to £70 in their bills next year.

Tories call for council tax freeze to stay in force

THE council tax freeze should be continued for "at least another year", the Tories have said.

Scottish Tories call for extension to council tax freeze

The council tax freeze in Scotland should be continued for "at least another year", Tories said today.

Big backing for higher council tax

SEVEN out of ten Edinburgh residents are willing to pay more in council tax to prevent savage cuts to public services, city leaders said today.

Neighbours get bigger bills after council tax complaint

DOZENS of residents have been hit by a hike in their council tax bill - because one of their neighbours complained they were paying too much.

CBI wants council tax freeze maintained

A BUSINESS group has urged ministers to keep the council tax freeze amid calls to scrap the policy.

Scottish local authorities owed almost £1bn in unpaid council tax

ALMOST £1 billion of council tax has not been paid since it was introduced in Scotland, figures revealed today.

John Swinney wants council tax to be frozen till 2012

THE battle lines for the next Scottish elections were laid last night as the SNP confirmed it would continue to freeze council tax next year, despite claims from Labour that the move could starve schools and local services of much-needed funds.

Tax freezes will 'ease stress' on Scottish families

FINANCE secretary John Swinney said last night that council tax freezes would help families in Scotland during tough economic times.

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