Cot death

Cot death

Katrina Kirkwood: I craved just one last cuddle from my Arran

Grieving mum Katrina Kirkwood is glad EastEnders is tackling the issue of cot death, despite the storyline sparking more than 6000 complaints

Low level of brain chemical linked to babies' cot deaths

COT-DEATH babies lack a key brain chemical that regulates breathing, heart rate and sleep, according to new research.

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Report links smoking mothers to cot death

NINE out of ten mothers who lose a baby to cot death are smokers, a new study has concluded.

Inquest doubt over cot-death mother

AN INQUEST is to be held following the death of a solicitor who was cleared of murdering her two baby sons, police said yesterday.

Cot deaths: Fresh doubts over parents' 'innocence'

PARENTS who harm their children could be receiving the benefit of the doubt because of confusion over what is a cot death, experts said yesterday.

Researchers find new clue to cot deaths

A LINK between cot death and low blood glucose levels has been found by Scottish researchers, it was announced today.

Low glucose levels linked to cot death

A LINK between cot death and low blood glucose levels has been found by researchers.

Sally Clark death to be probed

A FULL inquest could be held into miscarriage-of-justice victim Sally Clark's death despite initial tests suggesting she died of natural causes.

Further tests in Clark death

MORE tests are needed to establish why Sally Clark, the solicitor wrongly convicted of murdering her two sons, died, a coroner was told yesterday.

Death of wrongly accused mother spurs action plea

MINISTERS were yesterday urged to establish a support network to help victims of miscarriages of justice after their release from jail in the wake of Sally Clark's death.

Police refuse to rule out suicide as cause of death of wrongly jailed mother

SUICIDE has not been ruled out as the cause of death of solicitor Sally Clark, who was wrongly jailed for the murder of her two sons.

Lawyer falsely accused of murdering her two sons is found dead

SALLY Clark, the solicitor who fought a three-year campaign to clear her name after being wrongly convicted of murdering her two infant sons, was found dead yesterday.

Hopes rise for test to spot cot death 'defect'

A SCOTTISH scientist has helped find the strongest evidence to date that cot death is a "real disease" caused by a brain defect.

Legal chief weighs into row over struck-off child expert

THE Attorney General is to intervene in an appeal after it was ruled Professor Sir Roy Meadow should not have been struck off for giving mistaken evidence in the Sally Clark cot death trial.

Paediatrician cleared of misconduct over cot deaths evidence

A DISGRACED paediatrician was yesterday allowed back on the medical register even though his evidence helped wrongly convict three mothers of killing their children.

Baby-death professor wins ban appeal

PROFESSOR Sir Roy Meadow today won his appeal against being struck off the medical register over his "erroneous" evidence in the Sally Clark infant deaths case.

Infant death expert 'struck off unfairly'

PROFESSOR Sir Roy Meadow should not have been struck off for giving erroneous evidence that helped convict Sally Clark of murdering her two children, a High Court judge was told yesterday.

Couple begin court battle to return son

A WOMAN whose family was torn apart after evidence from the paediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow has begun a court battle to win back her son.

Disgraced cot death professor fights striking-off

PROFESSOR Sir Roy Meadow has lodged an appeal against a decision by the General Medical Council to strike him off.

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