Copenhagen climate summit blog

Copenhagen climate summit blog

Copenhagen Climate Change Blog - Day 14

After Obama's private press conference the world thought they knew what had been agreed and that became the story in the global media.

Copenhagen Climate Change Blog - Day 11

Wednesday started with braving the beefed up police presence and the snow to spend 90 minutes giving out more of our lovely Scotland badges, with colleagues from SCIAF. Again lots of people had heard of our 42% by 2020 target and most of those who had not were impressed. A good number of Americans and Australians took a badge and said: "Yes, I'm Scottish."

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Copenhagen climate summit blog: Day Nine

There was double chaos at the Bella Center yesterday. At the negotiations the African grouping decided that the industrialised countries were not serious about a new phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the only legal instrument that can set targets for those countries.

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference blog - Day 7

It was great to meet see a number of familiar faces again, WWF and others, once I had been through the long queue for registration at the Bella Center yesterday. There was some optimism around and even the EU managed to sound upbeat after winning a Fossil of the Day yesterday for their apparent lack of ambition.

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