Consumer Issues

Consumer Issues

Retailers face £431m of thefts

£48,833 worth of items are stolen from shops every minute in the run-up to Christmas, according to research from security firm Checkpoint Systems. Retailers should prepare themselves for a total loss £431.2 million.

A reason to meat at John Lewis

JOHN Lewis has become the first retailer to promote Red Tractor logo food in its public restaurants. All pork, lamb, beef, chicken and turkey in the restaurants of its Scottish stores will come from suppliers who are part of the scheme.

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Sainsbury cuts down on cans

A MAJOR store chain is moving one of its products out of cans and into cartons. Sainsbury's said it was the first supermarket to stock the "Tetra Recart" package made with wood fibre certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Bank manager takes a back seat

MORE than half of Scots have not seen their bank manager in the past ten years, according to research by LloydsTSB.

ID theft top fear among women

FEARS over identity theft have doubled during 2007 - and it has overtaken yob culture to become the top safety concern for British women, according to research from American Express Insurance Services.

Clamour on eBay as demand for Wii consoles soars

WII consoles bundled with games are selling on internet auction site eBay for more than £1,000 following a shortage of supplies.

Extended warranties 'unnecessary'

BREAKDOWN cover on electrical goods can cost more than half the price of the appliance itself and is often unnecessary, says consumer website

Make sure the gift keeps on giving this Christmas

Q: Last year I got caught out with presents which turned out to be unsuitable, but which I could not take back. How do I avoid that this year?

Scots ready for festive blowout despite fears of economic fall

SCOTS will spend on average £750 this Christmas on gifts, food and drink, according to a survey carried out by The Scotsman, despite wider fears of a slowdown in shopping amid wider fears about the economy.

New website takes strain out of trawling for info on fish

A WEBSITE that helps shoppers and restaurant-goers make well-informed choices when buying and eating Scottish fish will be launched by ministers today.

Heinz Ketchup hits £100m sales

SALES of Heinz tomato sauce hit a record £100 million in the past year. The launch of organic, and reduced sugar and salt versions, and added flavours helped boost sales.

ABTA to tackle holiday trauma

HOLIDAYMAKERS hit by traumatic incidents while away are to benefit from a new service. ABTA is working with the Centre for Crisis Psychology which will give those in the holiday industry access to a 24-hour telephone helpline.

Britons own almost 4m homes abroad

ALMOST four million overseas properties are now owned by Britons as the demand for a second home in the sun continues to soar, according to a report.

Little black dress a big hit for store

JOHN Lewis has credited a little black dress and winter holidays for a strong start to the crucial Christmas trading period.

Robot guitar that is always in tune

A SELF-TUNING guitar said to be the first which uses robotic technology launches this week.

Stay firm against high-pressure sales techniques

Q: MY ELDERLY mother told me a salesman had come to her door offering a discount on a mobility scooter. I wasn't aware that such companies would be targeting customers in this way - it doesn't sound appropriate. What advice can you give?

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