Consumer debt

Consumer debt

Analysis: Don't despair - six simple steps can cut your family's outgoings by a third

It is a sobering thought that so many people feel their personal finances are in such a perilous state. There are clearly many people who are in serious hardship.

Perfect storm takes quarter of Britons to brink of ruin

HOUSEHOLDERS are facing a "perfect storm" of financial instability - stretching their resources to a crisis point when they will not be able to make ends meet.

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EU ban sends cheapest deal price soaring

THE cost of the cheapest pay-monthly mobile phone plans has almost doubled in recent weeks, as a result of new European legislation that bans companies from tying customers into three-year contracts.

Millions hit by shock rise in phone and internet bills

Watchdog Ofcom has called for evidence from telecoms customers after it emerged millions of people had received higher than expected bills for their mobile, landline or broadband service.

Grocery spending slows as purse strings tighten

SHOPPERS are cutting back on their grocery spending as pay freezes and fears over interest rate rises force households to keep their wallets shut, figures yesterday revealed.

Analysis: Expect economic bad news in run-up to Holyrood poll

CONFIRMATION that Scotland's recovery from recession has "faltered" will come just days before the Holyrood elections in May, it has emerged.

Scots tightening purse strings as recovery falters

CONSUMER spending could remain low this year with Scots holding off spending billions of pounds in the high street because of slumping confidence in the economy, slowing the country's "faltering" recovery, a leading economic think tank has warned.

Confidence slumps as prices soar

Consumers' confidence in spending fell at its fastest rate on record during January, following the VAT rise, research indicated.

Struggling savers face tough times

The latest increase in inflation is further bad news for savers, who were already struggling to find returns that stopped the value of their deposits falling in real terms.

Inflation fuels calls for rates rise

The Bank of England is under renewed pressure to raise interest rates after latest figures showed inflation has risen to 4 per cent, double the government's target.

Biggest regret is not paying off debts

MOST people's biggest financial regret at the end of 2010 is not paying off their debts quicker, new research suggests.

January sale gets pre-Christmas start

DIY chain B&Q is to launch its January sale earlier than ever this year, on 17 December.

Debit cards topple cash as favourite way to pay

Debit cards have overtaken cash to become the UK's most popular payment method for the first time.

Millions turn away from shopping for groceries on internet

Millions of people who once shopped online for their weekly groceries have abandoned the service, according to a new report.

Credit card write-offs fall

CREDIT card holders are becoming more prudent in their spending habits, according to new figures.

Families face losing homes over debts of £600, warns watchdog

LENDERS have been accused of threatening customers with potentially losing their homes over debts as low as £600.

Christmas may not sparkle for retailers or consumers

Retailers will struggle to get customers to dip into their wallets this Christmas, experts today warned, as household incomes fell during November.

Credit cards will pay for Christmas, say Britons

More than half of Britons plan to use credit cards to meet the cost of Christmas, despite the fact that many have still to repay debts that they ran up last year, a survey showed.

Online shoppers' £5.2bn in a month

Consumers have markedly increased their online spending this year as they try to spread the cost of Christmas.

Debtors 'tread water' on cards

Nearly half of all credit card users have outstanding debt on their plastic but many people repay only the minimum amount each month,

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